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South African Expats: There’s no time like the present

By February 27, 2015July 25th, 2020South Africans planning to emigrate

South African Expats: There’s no time like the present

February 27, 2015

When’s a good time for South Africans living outside the country to get their financial affairs in order, to cash-in their unclaimed policies and retirement annuities and to think of the day after tomorrow?

Most of us keep a to do list to help remember not to forget to do things – all kinds of day-to-day things – as well as tidying up things in South Africa. The latter however is some 10,000 kilometres away and if not done today can wait another week or so. Can it really?

If a to do read like -“transfer R500,000 from South Africa” – would it too slip down the list and stand over week after week until you’ve surfaced from your time deprivation? Who can really wait another week if there was half a million Rand, or a hundred thousand for that matter, waiting to be transferred because I am busy?

“Make meeting with bank manager” will never be overlooked because we’re talking money! Why then keep the Association of Investment in South Africa’s members waiting – because they have more than a billion Rand waiting to transfer to South Africans who live all over the world.

All policyholders need to realize is there’s no time like the present! There’s no need to put ”contact ASISA” on the to do list – take the bull by the horns, right here right now, and find out first hand whether you still have an orphaned policy with your name on it in South Africa. Because if there is – you have money coming your way, which you didn’t know about, or is there another to do that slipped off your list?

If you’re still reading and have not taken the short cut to a potential windfall – then do it now! Remember out of sight, out of mind …



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