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Previously on “When I left South Africa” …

By May 25, 2015July 25th, 2020Retirement annuities

Previously on “When I left South Africa” …

May 25, 2015

“When we decided to broaden our horizons – to sell-up, to pack-up and go – the world was our oyster! We had choices – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, UK, and Timbuktu – it was like liquorice all sorts, we could pick and choose!”

Lekker man, lekker, in the pre-2008 series South Africans weren’t allowed to export their retirement annuities and pension investments to their new home countries – these assets had to stay behind.

South Africans’ response at the time was ‘it doesn’t matter – we’re on our way!’

The 2015 “South Africans’ Financial Freedom” series explains a whole new reality …

It underpins South Africans’ freedom of movement, living in a borderless world and affirms their constitutional rights to cash-in for export their retirement annuity and pension monies to a country of choice, without having to wait out their 55th birthday!

Post 2008 things have changed for the better. Not only do your birthright, citizenship and right to retain your South African passport stay in tact forever – given the financial freedom to invest your money as and where you please – you’re accepted as a Global Citizen of the World!

Financial freedom is a choice. To embark on the financial freedom journey, feel free to make use of our please call me service.


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