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Braai, melktert and boerewors…the wait is over

By May 27, 2015July 3rd, 2023Financial freedom

Braai, melktert and boerewors…the wait is over

May 27, 2015

In the “good old days” South Africans could leave the country to go live and work across the water where they were welcomed by countries and places unheard of by most!

These days delicacies such as skaapbraai, melktert and boerewors are as popular in Nova Scotia, Perth and Paddington as it is in Pretoria because there was no way people were leaving their recipe books behind!

You could take your recipe books, pots and pans and passport but your hard earned money – your retirement annuities and pension investments – had to stay put!

That was how South Africans rolled prior to 2008 where after it all changed. An amendment in legislation meant henceforth you were free to withdraw and transfer your retirement annuities, before maturation date or age 55, to transfer the proceeds offshore.

As “luck” would have it the hundreds of thousands affected South Africans, who were to benefit from the good news, would be the last to hear the good news. Simple evidence that good news does not necessarily travel fast!

If you’re one of the unaware South Africans living abroad patiently waiting on your 55th birthday for your retirement annuities and pension investments to mature – the wait is over!

You are free to join the ‘financial freedom’ group of South Africans living in more than 105 countries who heard it through the grapevine, whose retirement monies are safely invested, under their own control at a bank close to home.

Last word: don’t wait till it’s too late. When’s too late? When you turn 55 and your retirement annuities and pension starts paying out in South Africa; this means your capital can’t ever be transferred offshore as a lump sum. Without further ado, feel free to make use of our please call me service.

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