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Move your retirement annuity monies offshore before you retire!

By June 10, 2015July 25th, 2020Retirement annuities

Move your retirement annuity monies offshore before you retire!

June 10, 2015

Retirement is an outdated concept – it was something our fathers and grandfathers used to do – which is fast becoming difficult to imagine…

Modern day people don’t “retire” anymore; instead they plan for good quality family life, better futures and to stay relevant in an otherwise competitive and fast-paced world!

How, when living in Australia for instance, can you successfully plan for better days when your retirement and pension investments are held back in South Africa? Where you have no control over your money that is stuck in a downward spiraling currency relative to the Australian Dollar on which you intend retiring?

How do time, a vulnerable and weakening ZAR impact on your financial planning? Is it not time to take matters in your own hands so as to be in control of your own destiny?

As the expression goes “there is no better time than now!”

By cashing-in your retirement annuities and transferring the proceeds to Australia is like striking down two flies with one swing: you’ll halt future depreciation of your retirement payout and empower yourself to make considered wealth creation investments that are based on a solid international currency.

Leaving your retirement investments unattended in South Africa is – not unlike “retirement” – an outdated concept.

As a South African living abroad the days of having to wait for your retirement annuities to mature before you can access your own money is something of the past.

As a South African Australian you are fully entitled to cash-in your retirement annuities before the generally accepted retirement age of 55 to move your money offshore and to invest as you please!

You are welcome to invest the proceeds in your superannuation so as to further enhance your Australian retirement; you may want to pay off your mortgage or buy your own home in Australia; buy a second home for mortgage to rent or invest with the view to pay your children’s university fees.

The moral of the story: it is your money to invest to have control of within arm’s length in Australia. From hereon forward you’ll be financially free to live and enjoy life as a Global Citizen of the World.

Whether you choose to put your feet up to retire or, in a technologically exciting era, to stay economically active and relevant remains your freedom to be.

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