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July 2015: Free as a bird

By June 26, 2015October 9th, 2023Newsletter

July 2015: Free as a bird

June 26, 2015

free-as-a-bird-01South Africans are amazing people – resourceful, friendly, entrepreneurial, compassionate, reliable, creative, intelligent, achievers – with itchy feet.

No matter where in the world, Nova Scotia to Norfolk Island and anywhere in-between, you’re bound to run into a South African. Nomadism and inquisitiveness seem to be in our nature …

Elon Musk’s thoughts on establishing a permanent colony on Mars is further testimony to South Africans’ pioneering spirit and making the world a smaller place.

As a young nation we have come a long way and our people have gone even further – enjoying rite to passage – we may come and go as we wish, welcome to settle, live and work in any country in the world.

There are thousands of South Africans enjoying the ‘swallows’ lifestyle (commuting between the Motherland and their second home country) and an even greater number of mobile ‘virtual workers’ who are adding economic and cultural value to businesses and peoples’ lives, courtesy of technology.

It’s not only technology that is making the world a smaller place, our own brethren has a keen and crafty finger in the pie! What are we trying to say?

Firstly, it is possible for every South African to become a Global Citizen of the World; irrespective of which country you wish to call home.

Secondly, every South African is free to exercise their constitutional right to export personal wealth for investment in a country of his or her choice.

Thirdly, when living abroad, South Africans have every right to cash-in and transfer their retirement annuity and pension investments proceeds offshore before age 55.

Fourthly, living in South Africa, a husband and wife are free to transfer up to R22 million per annum for offshore investment.

Fifthly, as a South African you are welcome to come and go and live wherever it suits you. Here, there and everywhere. The choice is yours and there is nothing stopping you from becoming a Global Citizen of the World.

Why are we telling you this? Every man and woman was born free. Financial freedom is not a privilege it is a basic human right. If you have itchy feet or aspire to consolidate or broaden your life and financial horizons, now is a good time to start making it a reality.

Where do we fit into your picture? Our job is to provide South Africans their wings to financial freedom and your freedom to be.