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Transferring retirement annuity proceeds from South Africa made easy

By June 29, 2015July 25th, 2020Retirement annuities

Transferring retirement annuity proceeds from South Africa made easy

June 29, 2015

South Africa is a beautiful country, but there’s an amazing world out there for you to see, and of course there’s no better time to enjoy it than when you’re retired. You’ve worked hard for your money all your life, so now that you finally have the time to do what you want, when you want, you really should make the most of it.

There’s a large and happy South African diaspora living abroad, but some people are deterred from chasing their dream simply because there worried about what will happen to their retirement annuity. Don’t be worried, make transferring your retirement annuity and pension pot easy, allowing you to live the dream.

Embracing simplicity

With age comes wisdom. You learn to appreciate that the finer things in life aren’t necessarily the most gaudy, loud, or complex. Let’s face it, sometimes simplicity is the greatest thing of all. Think of the diamond; what could be simpler, or more highly sought after? It’s small, it’s plain, but the simpler it is, the more it’s worth.

We appreciate simplicity, and we’re sure that you do as well. That’s why we’ve made the act of transferring your retirement annuity proceeds out of South Africa as simple and straight forward as can be. It all starts with a free consultation; simply fill in a form online and a financial consultant will call you. We’ll discuss exactly what you need, confirm the cost and then arrange the whole process for you, allowing you the time to indulge yourself with the things you truly love doing.

Financial freedom for you and your loved ones

The day that you retire you gain something that money can’t buy: time freedom. Freedom to move home, freedom, even, to move country. Whether you want to move nearer relatives in Europe or North America, or experience a completely different way of life in Asia, there will be nothing to stop you, as long as you have your hard earned money to call upon. Too many of our fellow South Africans have, in the past, had to leave their retirement savings behind when making a new beginning, but with the help of you won’t have to do that.

When you gain full access to your retirement savings in your new country, you really will be able to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Purchase a boat and sail around the coast of England, buy a new car and drive the length of Route 66, or simply buy a new home within calling distance of your grandchildren. It can all be within your reach. would love to help you make the most of current legislation, so whether you’re already retired or looking forward to the freedoms that it’s going to bring, simply get in touch with us today by clicking the button below to obtain your free financial report.

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