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Leaving SA? Moving your money should be on your to do list

By July 3, 2015July 25th, 2020Retirement annuities

Leaving SA? Moving your money should be on your to do list

July 3, 2015

Can you list the number of things you have spent your money on while living in South Africa? A home, car, food, clothing, and what else? Once you move to another country, do you think you won’t need these things once again? You can’t take your home with you and most people do not believe that taking their car is worth the time, money or effort.

So if you cannot take everything with you, you will need to buy or rent them in your new country of residence. So why not take what cash you can, along with you? Why not exercise your right to financial freedom? Did you know that we can help you to convert your retirement annuities to cash?

Don’t leave any money behind

When you’re in a new country, amongst new people and with a very small, if any, support structure in place – you’ll depend on yourself for everything. At that time, money plays a very important role in bringing a sense of normalcy to your life. You’ll not only be able to pay your rent and buy the things you need, you even have a back-up in case of an emergency.

The problem comes when people take too long to move their money along with them, to where they are going. We aren’t talking about emptying your bank accounts and taking your life’s savings with you – we’re talking about emigrating to another country and then, helping your money migrate too!

You don’t have to leave much money behind

We all make investments and when we’ve got money tied up in Retirement Annuities (RA) for example, there is a belief that we can’t get it out. Fact is, when you move to another country there is a way to get your money from a retirement annuity before it matures. The rules for ex-pats are such that you can convert a retirement annuity into cash and transfer to your local bank account.

All you need to do is make sure you follow the procedures and before you know it, your money will be back in your possession and you’ll, once again, have the financial freedom you’re looking for to get a new home or secure your life.

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