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Can I cash in my South African pension?

By August 4, 2015July 25th, 2020Pension

Can I cash in my South African pension?

August 4, 2015

You may feel kind of sheepish but, truth be told, you’ve not really considered the possibility of a pension fund transfer abroad. When you considered your move and weighed up the pros and cons, your list of pros included things like:

  • not going to miss potholes
  • being further from in-laws is a win
  • less crime!
  • faster internet

But, of course, one of the nagging cons has always been the confusion of moving money across borders. It’s even more nerve-wrecking when you consider that this money has always been your little nest egg for old age. And, of course, the rule of thumb when dealing with nest eggs is to rather leave it safely in some dusty little nest than risk cracking the old egg. Unfortunately, the thought of leaving your own money behind has left a bit of a bitter taste in your mouth, hasn’t it?

The good news is…

Transferring your South African pension abroad

You’ll be happy to know that transferring your South African pension abroad is possible. It’s not only possible, it’s practicable.

It has taken years for to learn the ins and outs of the business, but through a collaborative effort by our team of experienced, qualified and informed financial services experts, we’ve managed to become the leading provider of financial emigration solutions to South Africans.

This includes expertise in transferring your hard earned retirement savings abroad. Talk to us if you want to move your money to your new home.

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