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Famous South African emigrants

By August 18, 2015July 25th,

Famous South African emigrants

August 18, 2015

We all know that saying about the grass not being greener. To be honest, though, no one likes to hear that their dreams and aspirations may all just be a fruitless endeavours. If you are considering emigration from South Africa, or perhaps even taking the step to formal financial emigration, you don’t want this choice to be labelled a pipe-dream.

Haters gonna hate

Though some of the negative commentary may be from well-meaning friends and family members who would really just hate to see you go – a lot of it sprouts from a position of jealousy. We say let the haters hate. If you want some positive affirmation that moving your life abroad is not a bad choice, then just look to these famous immigrants who have made it big and never looked back.

Dave Matthews

  • Known for: international singer/songwriter and part of Dave Matthews Band
  • Born in: Johannesburg
  • Nett worth: $250 million

Elon Musk

  • Known for: SpaceX, Tesla, PayPal, Zip2
  • Born in: Pretoria
  • Net worth: $13,8 billion

Charlize Theron

  • Known for: Hollywood actress and Oscar winner
  • Born in: Benoni
  • Nett worth: $110 million

Gary Player

  • Known for: famous golfer and winner of 165 grand slams
  • Born in: Johannesburg
  • Nett worth: $200 million

Sasha Pieterse

  • Known for: famous Pretty Little Liars star
  • Born in: Johannesburg
  • Nett worth: $2,8 million

Mark Shuttleworth

  • Known for: Canonical Ltd., Ubuntu OS and space tourism, Knife Capital, VeriSign
  • Born in: Welkom
  • Nett worth: $500 million

R. R. Tolkien

  • Known for: famous author
  • Born in: Bloemfontein
  • Nett worth of estate: $500 million

Nana Meriwether

  • Known for: Miss Maryland, Miss California, Miss USA 2012 and Miss Universe 2012
  • Born in: Soweto
  • Nett worth: $10 million

Roelof Botha

  • Known for: Sequoia Capital, Jawbone, Evernote, Tumblr, Weebly, Whisper, Mahalo, Eventbrite, Meebo and YouTube, PayPal
  • Born in: Pretoria
  • Nett worth: unknown

Liam Pederson

  • Known for: Scientist at Nisexpert in AI, Space exploration scientist at Nasa
  • Born in: Cape Town
  • Nett worth: $2 billion

Gift Ngoepe

  • Known for: professional baseball player for Pittsburg Pirates
  • Born in: Randburg
  • Nett worth: unknown

Willem van Biljon

  • Known for: cloud operating system company Nimbula and Mosaic software.
  • Born in: Cape Town
  • Nett worth: unknown

Vinny Lingham

  • Known for: Gyft,,, incuBeta, Clicks2Customers
  • Born in: East London
  • Born in: $130 million

Who knows, maybe your name will be added to this list someday? Or perhaps you just wish to settle in your new country and make a comfortable living? Whatever your dream, we truly believe that you could make it a reality – let no one tell you otherwise. The people above surely didn’t.

Although we can’t necessarily give you the moral and emotional backing to support your move, can help you with the financial migration you desire. Talk to one of our consultants to get the ball rolling and kick-start your journey to the top.

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