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PJ Powers & Dozi tour Australia and New Zealand – 20% off!

By August 31, 2015October 10th,

PJ Powers & Dozi tour Australia and New Zealand – 20% off!

August 31, 2015

You’ve been craving the sounds of home, haven’t you? That’s understandable. You may have moved thousands of kilometres across the world, but your heart still beats to an African drum. Though you have formally emigrated from South Africa, have relocated temporarily or are just visiting relatives abroad – you’re due some homeland hubbub!

MEAMs – that’s what we’re talking about. No, we haven’t misspelled ‘memes’. We are referring to the relatively new psychological term called Music Evoked Autobiographical Memories. According to this, music has a way of evoking positive lifetime memories – in fact, even supposed ‘sad’ memories tied to particular songs seem to have a positive effect on us when recalled. Not only that, but music has been used to heal people with acquired brain injuries as well as those mental and emotional trauma and other illnesses. And if the scientists say so, it must be too.

In fact, Dr Petr Janata, associate professor of psychology at UC Davis’ Center for Mind and Brain, believes that music is one of the best catalysts for memory recall. So if you’re missing home, listening to your native bells, gongs and whistles is a sure fire way to carry you away, back to your youth, and a place which sometimes feels so far… brings South Africa to you

Can you hear it? It’s a gentle drumming that can be heard over the sound of the bushveld cicadas. You can smell smoke – and scorched meat as the boerewors and chops are thrown on the grill. The warm African sun beats down on your skin – it feels wholesome. Like the faint whiffs of dust on the air. You hear… laughter… togetherness… a crowd gathered around song fills the air. “Jabulani…” you hear over the jubilant conversation and sizzle of steaks. “Tussen jou en my, lê daar ʼn berg…”, another voice echoes over the savannah. You smile, because this is home, this is your Africa.

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We know what it feels like to be homesick; which is why we like to give you a ‘home away from home’ – by bringing your favourite South African artists to your doorstep… however far that doorstep may be from home.

And to make the deal even sweeter, you can get a 20% discount on your PJ Powers and Dozi concert tickets in Australia and New Zealand when using the code “Cashkows2015“. This offer is only valid until 17 September, so be sure to book your tickets NOW!

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Remember to use the “Cashkows2015” when booking your tickets for the 20% discount.

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