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Why is the answer to all your financial questions

By January 8, 2016June 28th, 2023Financial emigration

Why is the answer to all your financial questions

January 8, 2016

For South African emigrants living abroad, the road to their new homes has undoubtedly been riddled with obstacles.

If you’re one of those who have packed up and left your homeland seeking new horizons, you are probably also tired of all the hassles, inquiries, questions and admin. With assets left back home, you’re eager to transfer your funds from South Africa to your new country or want to permanently conclude your financial relationship with your South African insurers. But you have a dilemma –  you still haven’t decided whether to take up the process on your own or entrust it to yet another financial services provider, another middle man.

You are probably a bit wary of any authoritative institutions – eager to be rid of the red tape and protocols so you can finally start your new life and, hopefully, be liberated from authoritarian prescription and intervention. If this sounds familiar, then may be just what the doctor ordered, here’s why…

You’re tired of misinformation

Though most service providers and individuals assisting with your emigration have been helpful, you have received your fare share of misinformation. It’s frustrating, a waste of time and an even bigger waste of money.

But here’s the thing. is the only company specialising in financial migration services for South African expats. This means that we’re the leading authority on cross-border financial solutions for you and your family. Our team of experts includes certified financial planners, lawyers, chartered accountants and bankers. We have formed partnerships with leading South African and international banking and insurance providers and are authorised by the South African Revenue Service and the South African Reserve Bank to offer you financial advice and financial services.

Essentially, there is no other provider who can offer you the collective expertise and experience of We have a 100% success rate and have helped thousands of clients from across the world to move their wealth offshore. In short – the misinformation is over – with us you can look forward to professional and meticulous advice and service.

You’re tired of waiting

Of course, another aspect of emigration which has really been draining has been the incessant waiting. Everything takes time. Everything is a long and gruelling process that has stretched your patience to the limits.

So why push it any further? can offer you expedited services without cutting corners. It all comes down to our in-depth knowledge of South African exchange control regulations and as well as our strategic partnerships with leading financial services providers. We know the game inside-out. We know who to ask, which forms to process and more than anything – we understand that when it comes to money, speed is essential.

Many of our clients have spent months living off savings while waiting for money to clear or working their way through the maze of legislative protocols. They are wary, exhausted and eager to simply have their hands on their hard-earned money.

So why frustrate yourself further? If you want the fastest possible service, perhaps it’s time to give a go.

You’re tired of losing

Emigration is probably one of the most expensive investments you have and will ever make. It’s a costly affair, and you know better than anyone that cutting corners could make you lose a great amount of time and money.

In fact, even individuals working in the financial services industry have found their applications for tax directives, policy transfers, encashments, change of ownership or cancellation of cessions either denied or delayed. This is because financial migration is regulated by a different set of protocols than South African or offshore financial industries, and even if you have insight into the latter, this doesn’t necessarily make you privy to the legislative requirements of cross-border transfers and administration.

Not only that, but you could be losing out on tax relief or been offered sub-par exchange rates, which will see you lose out on significant rebates and savings in the long run.

As a specialist in the field, will see to it that you get every penny due to you. We offer better foreign exchange rates than most banking institutions and have extensive knowledge of international tax regulations – which means we specialise in getting you every penny’s worth.

You’re tired of the hassle

It’s frustrating in this day and age that you still need to stand in queues and complete paperwork. It is, after all, the digital age.

So what if you could do all your financial services online? What if it were possible to get access to your funds halfway across the world without even leaving your living room? Well, that’s exactly what can offer you.

The point is – our clients are South Africans who are no longer in South Africa. So as a service provider for South African emigrants we’ve had to think of and implement innovative solutions to overcome geographical, governmental and time-zone differences. This means all our services can be rendered remotely.

With the security of our clients in mind, we’ve created an online platform where our clients can submit, amend and access their financial migration documentation wherever they are, whenever they want to. For any additional administration, we rely on secure courier services which delivers and returns necessary documentation to and from our clients.

Convenience is the name of the game at No more waiting in queues. No more hounding the desk clerk. No more spending hours on calls to your South African insurers.

So why wait? Go the route today!

If the abovementioned points are some of your concerns, then there really is no reason why can’t help you.

Let us start the process of moving your wealth offshore. We’ll conduct an initial consultation to determine the amounts you can transfer and route you should take which is cost and obligation free. This means you don’t need to pay us a cent upfront. Our consultation will also include a quote for all services we can render to you – but we’ll only take our cut once these services  have been concluded. This means we only get paid once you have your money.

If you’re interested in services, simply leave your details and we’ll call you. As easy as that!

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