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Mothers day: Sunday 8 May 2016

By April 25, 2016October 10th, 2023Newsletter

Mothers day: Sunday 8 May 2016

April 25, 2016

Sunday 8 May is Mother’s Day in South Africa, but although this is a South African holiday, it’s celebrated by South African expats across the globe.

Since mothers are usually the ones doing the gifting and event planning, dads and children are often at a loss when it comes to ideas for spoiling mum on this day. Not to worry though, as we have you covered with a few ideas.

Mother’s Day ideas

The Mummy coupons: An easy idea, which will require little initial effort is giving mum a book of mummy coupons. This booklet could include things like watching the kids while she goes shopping, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, giving her a foot massage or taking care of any other duties mum is used to doing.

The pamper package: Ah, who doesn’t like getting pampered? So why not give mum a little bit of pampering. You could either book her a day at the spa (if dad and the kids want to join in, most spas offer kids/couples packages these days), buy some pamper goodies and present them to her in a basket, or make some pamper items yourself. Check out these DIY pamper recipes from She Knows.

The ‘things she’s asked you to do for ages’: Yes, you’re guilty! Remember that pipe she wanted you to fix, the shelf that needs to go up, the tree she wanted you to cut down and that thing you needed to fix in her car engine? And how about all those millions of things she’s asked the kids to do – sorting through their toys, throwing out junk, washing the dogs and organising their cupboards? Well no more delay! Nothing will help mum as much as owning up and jumping to action – she’ll simply love you for finally getting to those delayed tasks.

The survival kit: So we’ve covered pampering, couponing and general fixits, but you know mum has days when those nerves are frazzled and life just gets too much. So why not make her a little mummy survival kit. This could include nail polish, a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates (or her favourite feel-good snack), a copy of her favourite DVD, headphones or earplugs, a fluffy blanket and whatever else mum might find comfort in.

The safa box: Of course, if you’re abroad, the only thing on mum’s mind may be a gift from her beloved homeland. Why not give mum a box filled with biltong, dried apricots, fig jam, bokkoms, a South African flag or T-shirt, rooibos tea, milk tart and Amarula cream liqueur. You could also cook mum’s favourite South African meals: sheep’s head, bobotie, offal or lamb chops. Whatever makes mamma happy.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mummies out there, from the cashkows team.