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Transfer your pension fund or retirement annuity offshore

By May 9, 2016July 25th, 2020Retirement annuities

Transfer your pension fund or retirement annuity offshore

May 9, 2016

If you’ve emigrated from South Africa you can now convert your retirement annuity or pension fund to cash and transfer the funds to your new home before the age of 55.

The funds can be used for any purpose – whether you want to reinvest into a local pension, use it for property upgrades, travelling or simply for a lifestyle upgrade.

Why transfer your retirement savings?

Before 2008 this process wasn’t possible, but changes to South African tax legislation make it possible for you to convert your retirement annuity to cash. This means you now have access to your money wherever you are to do with as you please.

However, the exchange control process is rather complicated. You will need to liaise with SARS, the Reserve Bank, your insurers as well as an authorised bank.

Luckily will do all the legwork for you!

We’ve helped more than 13 000 South African expats in 105 countries with their financial migration needs, and we have a 100% success rate.

Transfer your retirement annuity in 3 easy steps

  1. Complete a no obligation assessment which will show you:
  • how much you can transfer
  • how long it will take (as quick as 12 weeks, depending on your profile)
  • we’ll quote you upfront, our fees are only payable on successful completion.
  1. We’ll do all the admin – if there’s anything you need to see or sign, you can do it via our secure online portal, or we’ll courier the documents to you!
  2. Your money will be transferred to your foreign bank account of choice. If you don’t have one, we can open one for you! is…

  • fast; using our services means you’ll have your money quicker.
  • affordable; no up-front payment required.
  • secure; we’re a licensed financial services provider and Reserve Bank approved foreign exchange intermediary and use state of the art online security measures.
  • compliant; we tick all the boxes with SARS, the Reserve Bank, your insurers and your bank.
  • convenient; we take care of the end to end process and provide signature ready, completed documentation.
  • competitive; we provide highly competitive exchange rates.

Whether you want to eliminate exchange rate risk, consolidate your pension funds under one roof or simply need the money to start your new life overseas, will make it happen.

Talk to us today. for sound financial advice you can trust.

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