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Immigration top 10: countries which are easiest to settle into

By October 18, 2016July 25th,

Immigration top 10: countries which are easiest to settle into

October 18, 2016

If you could choose anywhere in the world to immigrate to, where would you go? Many of us don’t have the luxury of choice and generally end up in countries compatible with our employment and visas. But if you’re lucky, your country is on this list of the top 10 countries, which are easy to settle into.

The 10 most accommodating immigration destinations

1. The USA

America is not known as the land of the free for nothing. It tops the list as the country most people would like to immigrate to. It has always been a country that welcomes expats and its strong economy and top universities are attractions for many people with children of school-going age. A green card can take time to organise however, so if you’re thinking of heading to the USA, apply for it early.


Here are other reasons why you may want to immigrate to America.


2. Canada

Canada is proud to be one of the most immigrant and expat-friendly countries in the world. Featuring beautiful scenery, wide open spaces, a great healthcare and education system – it is the chosen destination of many. Did someone mention Justin Trudeau?


Here are more reasons why many people choose to immigrate to Canada.


3. Australia

Australia is a popular destination for expats from both South Africa and the UK. The British are attracted to the wide-open spaces, larger houses, beach lifestyle and great weather. The South Africans see it as a safe-haven with many of the positive aspects of South Africa. An added attraction is that Australia has easy regulations for permanent residency and a high standard of education and healthcare. It is regarded as one of the most expensive places in the world to live, but that doesn’t stop expats from heading to its shores.


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4. Singapore

If you’re born to shop, Singapore is a country you’ll love. One of the most developed Asian countries, it offers expats many attractions including liberal immigration and citizenship rules, a zero rate of employment, a harmonious society and high-end shopping centres featuring top designer brands.


Here are more reasons why many people immigrate to Singapore.


5. Germany

Germany has a very strong economy and a high level of education with some of the best universities in the world. For expats landing on its shores, one of the big attractions is that it boasts one of the lowest levels of unemployment of all the EU states. All these aspects, together with its great beer, food and first-world lifestyle make it a popular choice for immigration.


Here are some of the reasons why people choose to immigrate to Germany.


6. New Zealand

New Zealand is a wonderful immigration destination, with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Featuring a diverse culture and low crime rate, it offers a high standard of living and education. Like Australia, it is not one of the cheapest countries to immigrate to, but it still attracts expats from all over the globe.


Here are even more reasons why people choose to immigrate to New Zealand.


7. United Arab Emirates

The UAE’s top attraction is that it’s a tax-free destination – which means citizens do not have to pay any personal tax. As an oil-rich country, it has a very strong economy and a low crime and corruption rate. With a range of good private schools and universities, excellent healthcare and some of the best shopping in the world, it happily falls into the top 10 list.


8. Brazil

Brazil has a strong economy and a good employment rate – and with its rich culture and eclectic social structure, it readily welcomes expats from diverse cultural backgrounds. Good schools and over 2600 higher education institutions (many of which are free to foreign students) ensure the literacy rate is at 90%. Not surprisingly it’s ranked as the 6th country in the world attracting foreign students!


Here are some of the reasons why people may consider to immigrate to Brazil.


9. Norway

Norway has been ranked as the happiest place to live on earth and offers a great standard of living, a long healthy life, excellent free education and yes, very happy people. It is a very peaceful country and its beautiful scenery means there is a strong focus on outdoor activities. Immigration rules are not very strict – which is an added attraction (if one is needed).


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10. Argentina

Argentina features wide-open spaces and good opportunities for work and education. As an added bonus, the cost of living is low and it’s easy for immigrants and expats to become citizens. You just have to fulfil the minimum monthly income criteria in order to become eligible for settling down in Argentina.


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  • Md. Shamsul Huq says:

    No doubt that Norway is the top most happiest country in the world.

  • Joe K says:

    No UK?

    • Jeff malyan says:

      HI there joe, what is your attraction to the UK?
      I was born in Essex in 1960, and moved to the U.S in 2003 because my sister bless her married a service man who was stationed at Lakenheath air base! Mum died, dad got sick, my other sister came to America and got married, dad wanted to move! I thought not going to be here alone, with my daughters, so we both moved!
      Big, big Country i will never see all I want in my lifetime!
      So let me tell you, people here are very polite always wave and say hi, mam, and call you sir! (I had trouble with that when I first moved, lol, as a guy I can say beautiful scenery and the women are just the same as probably your country! (Take you for all you got!), but as a place to live 10/10 plus they like my Essex accent, Result! Even the villains! lol
      England is too aggressive now to when I was a kid, plus it’s full of bloody roundabouts! And tiny! Don’t get me wrong, I love my country and served in its military HRM Royal Anglican Reg.
      But as its got, take your family somewhere safer!
      Here its sunny in summer and sometimes in winter 90+°f
      We live in maryland, lots of fishing! Shooting! And water to put your inexpensive boat on!
      Sorry for running on M8!

      • Reece says:

        I think he was implying that the UK is an easy country to migrate to. I thought the same, I would have thought the UK is easier to migrate to than Australia, in terms of rules

        • Ray says:

          This article is about countries easier to migrate to if you’re currently living in UK or South Africa…read the bit about Australia… it’s the clue.

    • Joshua says:

      Why would it be?

  • Mark says:

    What about someone who has a disability? I always liked the thought of living in America but I think it would be a lot harder now thanks to the current president and his views on immigrants. Are there loopholes that a disabled person could use to make the process a bit more easy.

    • Jax Colby says:

      As someone born in Malawi and currently living in America, I would say that Trump’s policies have brought some negative changes yes but they do not bring about universal restrictions on migration. Unless you’re from one of the handful countries he put restrictions against, I think the difficulty (or ease) of migrating Stateside will probably feel the same to you as it has always been. By the way, his bans against these particular countries are also under opposition in the courts. Some of his extreme measures have been easily overturned by other authorities in the past.
      I am not too sure of any special immigration provisions for the disabled but in general, as with every country, permanent residency is mostly issued based on marriage, employment and other reasons along those lines.
      There should be a ton of websites that can provide more detailed information on this.

    • Linda says:

      I’ve lived here my whole life and think fox news has ruined thus country. If I were you, I would look elsewhere.

  • Dominik says:

    Can I get a WOOP WOOP for RUSSIA!!!!!!!

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