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How to satisfy your cravings for South African food in Australia

By October 28, 2016October 3rd,

How to satisfy your cravings for South African food in Australia

October 28, 2016

The land down under (yes, Australia) is a popular South African expat destination. No matter the reasons you had to migrate from South Africa to Australia, we’ll bet that at one time or another, sooner or later, you’ll most likely crave some South African flavor.

So we have, in the past couple of month’s covered a list of amazing South African shops you can find in Australia to help you find food, products and even friendly South African smiles in your new country. And the best of all, most of these shops accepts orders online, since we know you have a lot to see and do in your new country.

List of South African shops in Australia

African Heritage Shop


If you’re in Perth, we would recommend you to visit shop owners Margi and Norman from the “African Heritage Shop”. This shop boasts with a delicious range of homemade South African delicacies that woo the palate. Their doors opened seven years ago and since they’ve been a favourite with both South Africans living in Australia as well as locals.

Mufasa Biltong Shop


In 2009, after three years in Australia, former saffa Johann du Plooy decided to start his own biltong business in Australia. In 2010 his wife Rusta joined him full time as the demand for his delectable products skyrocketed. The family-operated business soon entered the ecommerce sphere with an online shop which necessitated son Hanru joining their team. They now boast four physical shops as well as an online store which delivers to the remotest parts of Australia.

The Jerky Nuts Shop

South African shops in Australia no.3

The Jerky Nuts was founded over two years ago after owners realised that biltong had become an incredibly popular snack down under. Although beginning with just one store, it now has three retail outlets in the Brisbane area.

Crunch at Forest Glen Shop

South African shops in Australia no.4

Crunch at Forest Glen has been operational for seven years. Run by Christo and Mariane Eloff, this wonderful shop offers all sorts of South African products, from fresh produce like gem squash to biltong, baking and jams. The shop has become a South African shopper’s favourite, but is also highly popular with the locals.

South African Products Shop


Working hand-in-hand with Stanley Street Butchery St Ives in Sydney – which means you’ll be able to buy both SAproducts and Stanley Street Butchery products from the SAproducts website. The shop is owned by Jonty and Callum Meek and a favourite South African stopover in Australia.

African Vibe Shop


They don’t call themselves ‘the number one store in Sydney for South Africans’ for nothing. The African Vibe family has more than 20 years’ experience in biltong making – 10 of those years spent making the finest biltong in Perth. African Vibe uses just the finest cuts of Australian beef, lamb and pork for their meat products. And if you’re not in the mood for a carnivorous experience, well then you have a great selection of baking and South African groceries to choose from.

African Delights


Established in 2003 by owners Reon and Lyndie Wilsenach, African Delights specialise in imported South African groceries and gifts. Having started out with a limited range and small shop, the business has since expanded and is now the largest shop of its kind in Sydney. Not only do they stock all your favourite South African goodies, but you can visit their store for news about upcoming events, South African-owned businesses and meet fellow saffas.

The South African Online Shop

#RainbowFriday: the South African expat’s Friday shopping feature #21

Based in the western burbs of Brisbane, the South African Online Shop kicked off on 2 August 2014. The shop is a small, family-owned business which supplies South African staples like boerewors, samosas and confectionery. The South African Online Shop offers you a wide range of South African products which will make you feel like you’re back home. Choose from a wide range of fresh food, gifts and other miscellaneous items.

Biltong & Boerewors


Biltong and Boerewors aims to provide all Australians with the best tasting biltong and boerewors they can find. As a specialist meat provider, they have perfected their craft – providing top quality products made from 100% beef which is superior in flavour, texture and better quality than any of the other products available in South Africa.

Springbok Delights


Springbok Delights was founded in 2000 by Reon and Lyndie Wilsenach who’d been living in the country for three years at the time. It didn’t take long after immigration to realise that there was a hunger for a taste of home among South African expats. They opened a butchery at first but soon expanded to stock most South African favourites. Word soon spread about the fantastic saffa products available at Springbok Delights – and the shop became a sensation amongst expats and ozzies alike. In addition to their own shop, they also sell products at over 80 other stores in Sydney and surrounds.

Now that you know where to find proudly South African flavours, foods and products in Australia, we’re sure you’ll bring some of your new local Australian friends over to some of these shops and experience some of the best things South Africa has to offer.  If you have any shops you think we should cover, be sure to send an email to


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