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Top expat destinations for financial happiness

By January 5, 2017July 25th,

Top expat destinations for financial happiness

January 5, 2017

What does it mean to be financially happy in a country? In the 2015 InterNations Personal Finance Index survey they surveyed 64 countries and asked people to rate whether their disposable income was enough for their daily life. The outcome was interesting.

Here are the top three countries where people are financially happiest:


This was a big surprise for many people, but 80% of expats who were living and working in Ecuador said they were completely satisfied with their financial situation. The highlight of the survey was that respondents said they didn’t need a large income to enjoy a good quality of life in Ecuador with most people saying they earned between $12 000 – $25 000 a year.


83% of expats living in Ecuador were happy with their finances but 56% said they only earned enough to live on. Salaries are high in Luxembourg but so is the cost of living. 28% of expats in Luxembourg earned between $75 000 and $100 000.


Mexico has climbed up the ranks from 15th place. Only 12% of expats said they were unhappy with their financial situation, compared to the world average of 17% and 76% said they were generally happy with the money they earn.

Other interesting facts revealed by the report:

  • Nigeria has the highest annual household income were 12% of the respondents where earning over $250 000.
  • The wealthiest expats are aged between 41 and 50 with 35% earning at least $100 000.
  • 56% of the expats surveyed said their move had been financially beneficial, while 27% said they were worse off financially.
  • Expats over 50 tended to benefit the most from making a move abroad with 48% saying they were earning more abroad and only 16% saying their income was lower.
  • The countries that fared the worst in terms of personal finance were Russia, Italy, Israel, Finland and Greece.
  • Countries where expats earn less than $12 000 include Greece (41%), Bahrain (24%), Turkey (23%), Cyprus (21%) and Qatar (20%).
  • In the 26 – 30 age group, 61% of expats said they had boosted their income by moving, but of these 9% said they were getting by on an income of less than $25 000.
  • The best destinations of those wanting to earn high incomes are Hong Kong, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Switzerland and Nigeria.
  • The destinations that offer the lowest incomes are Greece, Ecuador, Czech Republic, Portugal and Cyprus.

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