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A poem about South Africa

By February 8, 2017July 25th,

A poem about South Africa

February 8, 2017

South Africa is a land of diverse cultures and exceptional natural beauty – vibrant with a range of fauna and flora that is well known around the world. With 11 official languages and a list international achievements, there are a lot of things we South Africans should be proud of.


We know many expatriates miss their home country, and that one cannot always express the longing one might have when thinking about the memories you might have about South Africa. This is a poem about South Africa from a person abroad.

South African – Always have been, always will be

To South Africa my heart belong,
but why does saying this sometimes feel so wrong?
Is it because I am so far away,
or is it because my heart is a stray?


My blood is not red, but green and gold,
when my country’s anthem plays, my voice aloud is one to behold.
My roots are my pride,
between two home’s my love has divide.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my new country very much,
what comes close to my rooted one, there just is no such.


The love and longing for my home shores are deep,
enough to make fellow expats weep.
On the southern tip of the African continent you will find,
two ocean currents that constantly grind,
producing a land that you’ll find nowhere else on earth,
it is at this place where my heart was given birth.


So, imagine what you would say,
if you too were so far away,
from your friends, family and your home,
because missing south Africa is like an incurable syndrome.


Nothing can ever compare or even come close,
to smelling the fresh air and all the aloes.
Fynbos, grasslands and animals I still see in my dreams,
sometimes the only thing keeping together my heart’s own seams…


For I AM A SOUTH AFRICAN you see – and that will never change!
some may find this statement a bit strange,
but as I’ve said to so many people before,
South Africa is the only country my heart will ever truly adore.




Are you missing South Africa? Do you have a poem you would like us to share? Send us an email, and share your views and feelings with other expats.

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