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Discover why Costa Ricans are so happy and healthy

By May 3, 2017July 25th,

Discover why Costa Ricans are so happy and healthy

May 3, 2017

Costa Rica is a popular destination for expats, being rated as one of the cleanest, healthiest countries in the world – and now it is confirmed, it is also the happiest! The most recent Happy Planet Index published in 2016, which measures both human well-being and environmental impact, rated Costa Rica as the most satisfying place to live. So what is it about this country that makes it so wonderful? Here are seven reasons to consider moving there:

7 Reasons to consider immigrating to Costa Rica

Costa Ricans respect the environment and protect it

Costa Rica has a diverse flora and fauna and the country actively works to protect it. In 2016 it was named the greenest country in the world by the World Economic Forum and in 2015, Costa Rica ran on renewable energy for more than 250 days. Its major sources of energy are hydropower facilities powered by the rivers and seasonal rains. The country is also invested in wind turbines, geothermal plants and solar panels and by 2021 Cost Rica plans to be carbon-neutral!

Costa Ricans have high life expectancy

Costa Ricans live on average to 79 years and the Nicoya Peninsular has residents that frequently live beyond 100 years of age enjoying the clean air and simple lifestyle.

Costa Ricans have a good education

Costa Ricans have a literacy rate of 97,8%, which places it in the top 40 countries in the world!

Costa Ricans enjoy high-quality healthcare

The healthcare standards in Costa Rica are high and it is a popular medical tourism destination. Residents need to either subscribe to Costa Rican Social Security to access public hospitals or they can choose to have private insurance to access the private hospitals. Both options are affordable and emergency treatment is free to all visitors.

Costa Rica welcomes innovative entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur, Cost Rica is a great place to start a business with lower start-up costs than countries like the UK, USA or Canada. Costa Rica currently ranks as number one in Latin America and ninth in the world as a country that offers the most commercial freedom and protection for private businesses.

Costa Rica has a relatively low cost of living

The cost of living in Costa Rica is 23.27% lower than the USA, but like anywhere it is based on how extravagant your lifestyle is. According to, the minimum needed for a decent standard of living for one person ranges from USD $1,500 to USD $2000 a month.

Costa Rica has a thriving expat community

Costa Rica is ranked as one of the most visited international destinations in the world. Visitors and expats are attracted to Costa Rica’s healthy happy lifestyle and many British and American tourists choose to settle there. Today over 20 000 US retirees reside there and enjoy the affordable healthcare and low cost of living.

Costa Rica also offers expats a range of lifestyle options – from quiet scenic mountain villages with spectacular views, to vibrant resort towns. Many expats flock to San José, the country’s capital as a base to explore the rest of the country and to enjoy its vibrant nightlife, many restaurants and range of shops.

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