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Countries that are looking for skilled professionals

By June 15, 2017July 25th, 2020FinGlobal

Countries that are looking for skilled professionals

June 15, 2017


There is a growing demand for skilled professionals across the globe and many countries are welcoming expats that have the knowledge they need to fulfil specific requirements.

Skills are so in demand that many countries will speed up the applications of skilled professionals and assist with the immigration process for family members and dependents. Skilled professionals are in turn, seeing the benefits of gaining work experience abroad and are applying to the following countries in order to enhance their careers:

Popular countries for skilled professionals to emigrate to


The World Bank has named Canada as the top destination for skilled professionals who are attracted to the professional opportunities, security, quality education and the high standard of living that Canada offers. Canada is doing its best to attract these professionals by streamlining the visa application process of professional people with an online system called Express Entry.

Professionals who move to Canada tend to easily find well-paying jobs, especially in those territories where the population is low and who are actively running skilled-worker programmes to attract expats.


Brazil has a huge population, an escalating economy and one of the biggest skill deficits in the world. They are currently trying to recruit as many as 6 million skilled professionals. It is currently attracting expats from many different countries so it’s likely you will find an expat community you can easily relate to. Its largest source of recent skilled professional expats from outside South America is the United States, followed by Japan, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany and China.


Although Australia has recently revised their skilled worker immigration visas, they still actively recruit skilled professionals. Recent statistics from the Australian Government show that skilled professionals represent 39% of all employees in the country and those with technology skills are in high demand.  According to recruiters the demand for digital skills, analysts and skilled professionals whose jobs require innovative thinking, like lawyers and nurses, is still very high.


The USA attracts the largest proportion of skilled expat professionals every year. Like Canada, these expats are attracted by the career opportunities on offer and the high standard of living the US offers. The Government is actively promoting the immigration of highly skilled professionals by welcoming entrepreneurs who will improve the economy and create job opportunities. Their new digital immigration system is also streamlining and fast-tracking skilled professional applications and empowering the spouses of skilled expats to help them develop their careers.


Germany is home to over 11 million expats who are currently filling the gap Germany has in its professional workforce. The Institute of Employment in Nuremberg recently published alarming figures showing that if Germany is to maintain its current economic status they will need to employ at least 40 000 professional expats on an annual basis in order to fill up the growing decline in their professional workforce.


France is in a similar position with statistics showing that by 2020, France will have a shortage of around 2.2 million skilled professionals. The professionals that are most in demand in France are engineers and the government is doing its best to attract engineers and other professionals with 4-year working visas.


Russia is also in the process of actively recruiting skilled professionals by developing a brand new immigration policy aimed at offering advantages that will attract skilled professionals. Currently, Russia has less than a million expat residents and over three million illegal workers – clearing showing the need for the country to revise and develop its immigration policies.

If you thinking of moving abroad to advance your career and need any advice about your financial emigration, contact us today and we’ll help you on the path to financial freedom in your new home.
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    We used to live in the UK, coming from Namibia, and would like to work abroad again.
    How can we reach those countries actively looking for professionals like us? I am an experienced Chief Information Officer, Head of Service Delivery and my wife a Insurance Broker.
    We would like to understand how one gets noticed by the relevant countries listed above.
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