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Consider the Czech Republic as an expat destination

By July 13, 2017October 3rd, 2023FinGlobal

Consider the Czech Republic as an expat destination

July 13, 2017


In the 2016 InterNations Survey, which looked at the top expat destinations, ranking them according to a wide variety of criteria including quality of life, education and income, the Czech Republic was proudly positioned in 10th place after interviewing over 14 000 expats. Here are some reasons why:

Here are some of the reasons to immigrate to the Czech Republic

Clean and friendly

The Czech Republic climbed 12 positions from number 22 in 2015 and scores highly for cost of living and friendliness. Due to the influx of tourists and expats, the Czech Republic is very receptive to visitors and has plenty of outdoor activities and an active social scene. Prague is renowned for its wide variety of restaurants, bars and clubs and if you’re keen on the great outdoors you can cycle around the countryside, or hike, admiring the wonderful scenery which includes mountains and forests.

Accommodation is well priced

Since the Czech Republic joined the EU, the real estate market has been thriving and property is in high demand. Even so, apartments in Prague are still far cheaper than other European capital cities.

Good income and great expat packages

The Czech Republic often attracts expats who are in senior positions, and compared to the locals, they are generally well paid with their accommodation and expenses covered during their stay. Generally the cost of living in the Czech Republic is low compared to other countries in Europe and Prague ranked 124th out of 208 cities in Mercer’s 2016 Cost of Living Survey.

Reasonably priced transport

Cars are reasonably priced in the Czech Republic, however with a well-developed and affordable public transport system – especially in Prague – you may find you don’t need to purchase one. Monthly public transport passes are good value for money and enable you to get easily around.

A good standard of education

Education in the Czech Republic is of a high standard and expat children can attend public schools at no cost, provided they are EU nationals or legal residents. The only thing to bear in mind, is that teaching in the public schools is conducted entirely in the Czech language – which is one of the main reasons that many expats tend to place their children at private or international schools.

Private schools in the Czech Republic are partly funded by the state and subjects are taught in Czech and English and occasionally Czech and German. These private schools are often affordable solutions for expats who find the prices of the local international schools a bit of stretch for their budgets.

A high standard of healthcare

The Czech Republic’s public healthcare scheme is regarded as one of the best in Europe and Czech citizens, residents and anyone working for a Czech employer is automatically insured under this scheme and have to pay monthly contributions. The best medical facilities are found in Prague, which is a city that often attracts medical tourists, and expats are free to choose their own doctors from a list approved by their insurance.

As a long-term visitor, if you aren’t covered by public insurance, it’s compulsory to have private insurance and expats staying over 90 days will be required to show proof of this. EU citizens have access to free medical care in the Czech Republic with their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

If you’re thinking of immigrating to the Czech Republic and need any advice about your financial emigration, contact us today and we’ll help you on the path to financial freedom in your new home.
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