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5 countries that focus on families

By February 7, 2018October 3rd, 2023FinGlobal

5 countries that focus on families

February 7, 2018


If you are planning a move abroad in 2018 and have a family, you’ll no doubt be concerned about what effect the move will have on your children. Fortunately many surveys report that expats tend to be overwhelmingly positive about how their children have handled the move to a new country and say that the new culture and experiences have enhanced their children’s lives.

A recent survey by InterNations focused specifically on families, ranking aspects of importance to expat families. These included quality of education and family well-being. Out of 45 countries surveyed, these 5 came out as some of the best countries in the world for families.

1. Australia

Australia is regarded as one of the best countries in the world for families. Not only does it offer a wonderful, healthy outdoor lifestyle with many outdoor leisure activities, it is also renowned for its standard of education.

Both private and state schools are equipped with excellent infrastructure – and for permanent residents and citizens, Australian state education is virtually free. There are 35 top universities in Australia and according to the Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2018, six of them feature in the prestigious top 100, providing no shortage of choice.

2. Taiwan

Many Westerners might be concerned about moving to the East and all the cultural differences a move like this can bring for a family. If you are moving to Taiwan you are assured of a warm welcome. Taiwan is known to be very family-friendly and expat families with children are regarded favourably and encouraged to integrate into the local culture.

As an added bonus, Taiwan has a large expat community, which allows expat families to share experiences. Expat families also find that the cost of living in Taiwan is lower than other western countries.

3. Belgium

As the metropolis that acts as the centre of Europe, NATO and the EU, Brussels offers expat children a mecca of international playmates – many of whom will speak the same language. Belgium is also very child-friendly with plenty of parks, playgrounds and forests for playing strolling, picnicking and playing. As a nucleus of international activity, expat families have a large choice of international school options and the quality of education in Belgium, whether private or public is regarded as very high.

4. Austria

Austria is a great place for families, offering plenty of generous government support. Families with children receive a wide variety of financial and non-financial contributions from the government, which include a childcare allowance irrespective of income. This allowance can last until the age of 25!

In addition parental leave regulations are very generous and Austrian mothers do not have to resume work until their children are at least two years of age. Free morning day-care is provided for pre-schoolers and with a 99% literacy rate, Austria is regarded as having one of the best education systems in the world.

5. Israel

Israel is a very highly regarded country when it comes to children’s education and health. In the Family Well-being category it took first place for health with over 50% of expats rating it as very good. Globally it came in at 6th place for the quality of education and it offers a number of private and international schools that cater for children who are not fluent in Arabic or Hebrew. Families were made to feel very welcome on arrival in Israel with 69% saying that the country has an excellent attitude towards families and their children.

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