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Why Western Australia is a wise choice

By October 9, 2018July 25th, 2020FinGlobal

Why Western Australia is a wise choice

October 9, 2018


When it comes to Australia, there is a bit of an east/west divide. However, for many people, there is just no competition when it comes to the best state in Australia. Discover why for many people, Western Australia is the right side of the continent:

Western Australia attractions for expats


Sunsets over the ocean

One of the great things about the sun in Western Australia is that it sets over the ocean. Unlike the East Coast where you often have to travel many kilometres to get to a beach, In Perth you can just amble down after work to any one of the 19 metropolitan beaches lining the city and enjoy a magnificent sunset.

The Swan Valley

Western Australia is also home to the Swan Valley, which is just a 30-minute drive from Perth and is renowned as a world-class wine region. You can also find a wide variety of other quality food items here including artisanal ice cream, chocolate and cheese.


Perth is the only city in Australia to have an A-class nature reserve just 30 minutes off its coast. Rottnest (or Rotto as the locals call it) is a wonderful island with no cars, stunning beaches and awesome diving.

The wildlife

Western Australia is home to a diverse range of wildlife, ranging from the tiny Quokkas who are only found on Rottnest to the whale sharks off Ningaloo. You’ll also find Kangaroos and Koalas in Yanchep National Park and seals and dolphins at Monkey Mia.

Kings Park

Kings Park is right in the middle of Perth and it’s one of the largest inner city parks in the world – and the biggest one in the southern hemisphere1! Here you can find wonderful play parks for children, a plethora of local vegetation and some of the best views of the city. Not surprisingly, Kings Park is visited by around 6 million people every year.

Plenty of space

If you are looking for space – you’ll find it in Western Australia. The state covers over 2.6 million square kilometres, and has a state population of only 2.6 million people, with three-quarters of these people living in Perth. Travellers can head into the outback and not see any human life for hours and if you are into Golf you can play on the world’s longest golf course – the 1365-kilometre Nullarbor Links.

Seriously sunny

Western Australia is the country’s sunniest state. Perth enjoys more days of sunshine (265) than any other capital in Australia with Melbourne and Sydney enjoying 185 and 236 hours respectively.

Festivals and food

You never have to search for something to do in Western Australia. There are almost as many festivals as there are weekends. Look out for the Freemantle Street Art Festival and the Perth Fringe Festival as well as the many music festivals, pearl festivals, surf festivals and food festivals.

On the subject of food, Perth is famous for its gourmet cuisine with new eateries opening almost daily in the central business district and the surrounding suburbs of Northbridge, Subiaco and Leederville. In addition, Western Australia is famous for its delicious seafood, in particular the Geraldton rock lobster, South West marron and the Mandurah crab.

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