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5 top retirement destinations in Australia

By January 17, 2019July 25th, 2020FinGlobal

5 top retirement destinations in Australia

January 17, 2019

Australia is a popular destination for retiring expats – offering an excellent quality of life consisting of great infrastructure, world-renowned healthcare and first-world amenities. If you’re considering retiring to Australia, here are some of the top retirement destinations that global retirees including South African expats have their eye on due to their leisure facilities, low crime rates, accessible transport, relatively low cost of living and good medical facilities:


5 best places to retire in Australia


Sunshine Coast Queensland

The Sunshine Coast is a lot quieter than its busy southern neighbour – the Gold Coast and is home to some well-known suburbs favoured by retirees including Noosa, Mooloolaba and Caloundra. This area is cheaper than the Gold Coast but offers beautiful beaches, great weather and a very relaxed community feel. A further advantage is that it is just an hour’s drive north of Brisbane – making it easy to pop into the city if you require specialist medical facilities or some serious shopping.


Hunter Valley, New South Wales

Hunter Valley is conveniently situated close to Newcastle and Sydney, providing many of the amenities retirees look for. Hunter Valley is also famous for its golf courses, gourmet food and wine and relatively low property prices – however as more people discover this gem of an area, the prices are starting to increase.


Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

If you are looking for quiet coastal villages and quaint hamlets with breath-taking scenery, then this area will be ideal for you. From its beachfronts to its orchards and market gardens it provides endless places for retirees to explore. If you need to visit the city, Melbourne’s CBD is easily accessible, but you are sure to find that the quality food and wine in your surrounding areas will make Melbourne’s attractions pale into insignificance.


Huon Valley, Tasmania

The Huon Valley is an ideal retirement spot if you are looking for natural beauty, open spaces and a cooler climate. Retirees who have made this area their home speak fondly of the clean air, friendly locals and ease of getting around. These attractions combined with the relatively low cost of living and affordable housing make this beautiful part of Tasmania a top retirement destination.


Geraldton, Western Australia

If you want to retire by the coast and enjoy turquoise waters and the quiet life, then Geraldton is the place for you. Already home to a large retirement community who enjoy, the year-round warmth, Geraldton is perfect for retirees who love seafood, fishing and the quiet life. Perth is a five-hour-drive away, but there are many community activities and programs for residents including ballroom dancing, bowling and a range of clubs to get involved in.


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