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Holidays where your rand goes further

By April 16, 2019October 17th, 2023FinGlobal

Holidays where your rand goes further

April 16, 2019


If you enjoy travelling abroad, you’ll know that the current weak state of the South African rand makes travelling to countries like the UK, USA or Canada extremely expensive. Fortunately, it’s not all bad news. There are countries where the rand exchange rate is a lot better and your rand goes a lot further. Here are our top travel suggestions where you can get more for your South African rand.


Cheap holiday destinations from south africa



1 Brazilian real is worth approximately R3.8 South African Rand. With this type of affordable exchange rate, South Africans can travel to Brazil knowing that things will be relatively cheap. What’s more, South Africans can travel to Brazil visa-free for up to 30 days!


Brazil is one of the world’s most bio-diverse destinations, so expect to see tropical rainforests, white sandy beaches and forests filled with toucans and even jaguars. The country is also famous for its legendary Carnaval, which takes place every year. Here you samba and dance your heart away surrounded by decorated dancers and performers in amazing costumes. Brazil has many bustling cities from Rio to Salvador so you can shop and explore the culture, shopping and food, confident that your Rands will go further.




1 Thai Baht is worth approximately R2.2, making Thailand even cheaper than Brazil! Thailand is an amazing destination that offers you everything you could desire for a magical holiday including affordable accommodation, wonderful Thai food and magnificent beaches. It truly is an idyllic paradise, with many remote islands, thriving markets and tropical national parks for you to explore. What makes it even more magical is that you can be reassured that when you return, you won’t have burnt a huge hole in your bank balance when you return.




If the heat is not for you, then give Thailand a miss and consider a Russian adventure. Here the exchange rate is firmly in your favour with R1 equal to approximately R4.7 Russian rouble. In addition, South African passport holders can enter, stay or transit in Russia for a duration of up to 90 days without a visa.


Russia is very visually beautiful and has plenty of photo opportunities in Moscow – the city that holds the title for being the largest in Europe. If you love your food, then Russia’s diverse culinary repertoire will be right up your street as you enjoy everything from stuffed pancakes, borsch soup, cheese, caviar,  smoked sausages, chicken Kiev, beef Stroganoff (which was invented in Russia) and much more! Since the fall of Communism, Russia’s shops are also filled with goods and you can find winter clothing and sports equipment at cheap prices.




Another affordable destination closer to home is Mozambique where R1 equals approximately 4.43 Mozambican metical. Mozambique is known for its gorgeous beaches, crystal clear waters and amazing ocean life. It also has delicious fresh food with plenty of affordable seafood featuring on the menu. In addition, Maputo, the capital is flourishing and is attracting many designers and entrepreneurs. If you are looking for a tropical island holiday with fantastic diving and snorkelling that is also close to home and affordable, then a Mozambique holiday is your ideal destination!



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