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A Guide to how to be fit and healthy Entrepreneur at any age

By June 6, 2019October 5th, 2023FinGlobal

A Guide to how to be fit and healthy Entrepreneur at any age

June 6, 2019


Successful entrepreneurs have so much packed into their days that the issue of how to be fit and healthy while juggling so many balls in the air is a very real issue. In this article we will discuss ways entrepreneurs and other busy people can keep fit while navigating their way through a day that doesn’t seem to have enough hours in it!


Entrepreneurs: How to be fit and healthy


Working outside the 9 to 5.

Maintaining your health and fitness when you work outside the normal 9am to 5pm hours is difficult to achieve. When your work consumes your weekends, after hours and early mornings (times when most people schedule their exercise) staying fit and healthy can seem almost impossible to achieve. Health and fitness however can’t simply be ignored. A healthy body is the foundation for a healthy mind, which is essential to business success. That’s why it’s vital that entrepreneurs find ways to be fit and healthy. Here are some top tips that will help you fit in the necessary exercise you need:


Quality over quantity

When it comes to improving your fitness and physique the quality of your exercise matters more than the duration and quantity of the exercise performed. There’s very good evidence that high-intensity interval training provides many of the fitness benefits of prolonged endurance training in much less time.


Scientists at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario and other reputable institutes have show that even a few minutes of exercise at high intensity – like the scientific 7-minute workout can produce that same molecular changes in your body that several hours of running or bike riding. The important thing to remember is that for these seven minutes to be effective, you need to be performing the exercises as maximum capacity. The 7 minutes are meant to be uncomfortable, but once they are over, you are done with your exercise for the day.


Take the time for exercise

If you don’t make the time – even if it is only 7 minutes – you will never get fit and healthy. Creating time for exercise is essential if you want to keep your body healthy and your mind sharp. If you are doing traditional exercise (as appose to high-intensity regimes) try to block out 30-60 minutes in your diary three times a week.


If you have to, then multitask

One of the advantages entrepreneurs have is that they are not confined to working in a traditional work environment. If you have a home office, aim to multitask. You can carry on a business conversation while you are climbing stairs on the StairMaster or even read or dictate business proposals while you are running on a treadmill. You can also wear a headset and pace while you are on long conference calls – you’ll be amazed at how much distance you can travel during an hour-long call! Although there is no substitute for a regular exercise regime, multitasking to fit exercise into your day is better than doing nothing at all!


Make fit decisions

Another way you can work to stay fit and healthy, as an entrepreneur is work hard to avoid taking the path of least resistance. Use the stairs instead of the elevator whenever you can. If you live close to the shops, walk instead of drive. Cycling to work if you live within cycling distance is another great way to work your exercise routine into your day. Don’t hire a dog walker to walk your dogs, commit to taking them for a walk yourself – the enjoyment and ‘free headspace’ it will bring can only help stimulate your mind. Choose to make fit decisions every day – you’ll be amazed at how you can fit more exercise into your day.


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