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You should experience earning cryptocurrency at least once in your lifetime and here’s how

By July 22, 2019January 23rd, 2023FinGlobal

You should experience earning cryptocurrency at least once in your lifetime and here’s how

July 22, 2019


If you were ever wondering how to earn cryptocurrency, then you might be surprised that you can earn it simply by driving your car. In this article we will explore this cryptocurrency opportunity and other ways you can earn cryptocurrency without leaving your home.


Earn cryptocurrency while you drive


Jaguar Land Rover has created a smart wallet that enables drivers of their vehicles to earn cryptocurrency each time they drive their car. Their car will automatically report road condition data like traffic issues or potholes to the local authorities or companies that need to be notified about the data. In reward for the data, the driver will receive cryptocurrency in their smart wallet.


The cryptocurrency can then be used by the driver to pay for road tolls or even coffee. In addition, the data they are sharing will help improve road conditions for other drivers. This new technology is being tested in Ireland and if it is successful, it will then be rolled out around the world.



Other ways to earn cryptocurrency


Perform micro tasks

Many companies are rewarding people for doing micro tasks online. This could be as simple as sharing a tweet or writing a blog post. There are actually websites you can visit like BountyOx where you can find a task to complete in reward for cryptocurrency.



Content marketing is essential for improving a website’s search engine optimisation (SEO). But someone needs to generate the content. Many organisations are now paying online bloggers with cryptocurrency in return for their work.


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another easy way to earn cryptocurrency online. How it works is that you will feature an add or a link on your website and every time someone clicks on the link or the add, you’ll receive cryptocurrency in your wallet.



Many skilled people are now selling their services online in return for cryptocurrency. Whether it is writing, photography, video editing or accounting, there are an endless number of people looking for your skill set and will pay you cryptocurrency in return for your services. To find someone who will pay you cryptocurrency for your skills, look at, CryptocurrencyJobs.Co, or



HODL (Hold on for Dear Life) involves buying into a cryptocurrency when it is low and then riding the waves of its peaks and troughs until it reaches a point where you can comfortably make a return. Morgan Creek, a Bitcoin enthusiast recently posted on Twitter, that if you had invested USD1K in Bitcoin 10 years ago when it launched, your investment would now be worth USD2.6 Billion. In comparison, if you had invested USD1K in Amazon when it first started 22 years ago, your investment would be worth USD1.2 million.


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