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The modern features and changes of Facebook

By July 29, 2019November 23rd, 2022FinGlobal

The modern features and changes of Facebook

July 29, 2019


In case you haven’t noticed it, Facebook has a fresh new look and a whole lot of new Facebook features with a focus on creating private spaces, encouraging communities and even dating. To help you make sense of the new Facebook changes, we have put together a guide on the latest Facebook updates.


Facebook Changes



A new icon

The first most visible change is the new Facebook icon, which has a lighter blue colour.


A new groups tab

Facebook is working hard to encourage the formation of groups and aligning people with similar interests. The new redesigned Groups tab enables users to see more group activities in their own personalised feed and helps them search for groups that might interest them.


A sense of community

In order to encourage interaction between members and foster a sense of community, different communities will receive new features including the ability for members of health support groups to anonymously post personal questions and share sensitive information. The gaming communities will have a dedicated chat feature so they can interact together and there will be a direct messaging tool for job seekers in job groups.


To help grow communities, there is a new ‘opt in’ tool that allows people to add new friends from shared communities like schools, workplaces and hometowns. This tool is currently being tested in a number of limited locations before being rolled out across Facebook.


There is also a feature that has been introduced in the USA – a fundraiser sticker – that can be added to Instagram stories to allow users to raise money for non-profit groups or causes that they support on Facebook.


Encouraging romantic connections

Facebook has also taken the big step to launch a new dating section that allows users to find their match across groups, friend networks and even events. If you can’t find it on your app just yet, it is rolling out across the following countries: Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, Suriname, Columbia Thailand, Canada, Argentina and Mexico.


Facebook has big plans for their dating tool and is confident that their ‘Secret Crush’ tool will actually take on the worldwide dating app Tinder! Secret Crush allows a user to list up to nine Facebook friends they have a crush on and the feature then matches up people who have mutual romantic feelings.


Getting creative

Facebook has also introduced a new camera feature that allows people to post creative content without having to use a photo or a video and they will have to option of using stickers and special effects to enhance their work.


Voice commands

Facebook is also adding voice functionality in Europe this autumn with Portal and they are incorporating WhatsApp into Portal. This Alexa-enabled device will allow you to receive updates on any event or occasion simply by saying “Hey Portal, Good Morning”.


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