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Bledie Lekker Biltong and it’s made in the USA!

By September 12, 2019July 25th, 2020FinGlobal

Bledie Lekker Biltong and it’s made in the USA!

September 12, 2019

If you are tired of Big Mac burgers and traditional apple pie and craving the flavours of home, you’ll be delighted to discover you can easily shop for your South African biltong and more, all online in the USA. The South African Food Shop in the USA, with a typically USA tagline: May the wors be with you, is renowned for supplying traditional South African meat and more to SA expats and American locals.


South African food in USA


Authentic SA food guaranteed

The South African Food Shop in the USA guarantees that it only stocks “Bledie Lekker” biltong, boerewors and droewors – because it’s the real thing! They also stock all other favourite SA foods like Mrs H.S. Balls Chutney, Pecks Anchovette, Bakers Biscuits, All Gold Tomato Sauce, Nando’s Peri-Peri Sauces, Freshpak Rooibos Tea and of course – Ouma Rusks!

Biltong is rated number 1!

The rave reviews for the South African Shop’s biltong are unanimous. In fact, an Arizona resident claims: “You make the best biltong in the entire United States. No one else is even close!”



A South African collaboration

The South African Food Shop is the brain child of Jan Conradie who left Pretoria to settle in the United States and his old friend Fanie Viljoen. When Jan arrived in the USA, he quickly realised that there were certain South African flavours (like biltong) just not found in the USA. Fanie, who was a butcher by trade, lent his skills to the enterprise and showed Jan the best cuts to use for Biltong in the USA. Fanie also makes all the wors and bangers and they claim to be the first cyber ‘winkel’ with online wors in the world:


If you’d like to try their products, then use them to make this authentic Bobotie recipe taken from their website:


  • 150ml Bill’s Bledie Lekker Sosatie Marinade
  • 1 regular bagel (in place of US white bread)
  • 200ml milk
  • 25ml cooking oil
  • 1 onion (fine chopped)
  • 10ml salt
  • 5ml turmeric
  • 15ml Worcestershire sauce
  • 2.2lb ground beef
  • 100ml sultanas (golden raisins)
  • 3 eggs
  1. Soak bagels in milk, then heat oil and sauté onions in a pan, add Bill’s Bledie Lekker Sosatie Marinade and Worcestershire sauce and mix.
  2. Drain and mash bagel, keeping any leftover milk.
  3. Add mashed bagels, ground beef, and sultanas to the mix and blend well and cook over a low heat until meat has browned and then remove from heat and allow.
  4. Blend salt and 1 beaten egg and mix into the cooled mixture and then spoon this into a greased 12” x 8” baking dish.
  5. Add turmeric to the leftover milk and whisk in the remaining eggs.
  6. Pour this mixture over the meat mixture in the baking dish and decorate with a few bay leaves.
  7. Place in 180c preheated oven and bake for 60 minutes until firmly set
  8. Serve with white rice and chutney.

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