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This shop in the U.S.A brings you the best from the R.S.A.

By October 30, 2019October 12th, 2023FinGlobal

This shop in the U.S.A brings you the best from the R.S.A.

October 30, 2019


As a South African living abroad you’ll have to acclimatise to how different the small things are. Sure, you can buy washing powder and detergent abroad – but they’ve all got different names and different smells. You’re not going to find OMO or Surf, Jik or Mr Min. The food is different, the coffee is different. The sweets, candy and snacks all taste different and nothing is quite the same as you’re used to back home. Going to the grocery store can be an exercise in homesickness. There is no NikNaks, Oros, Tastic or Knorr. There’s no Mrs. Balls or Sunlight Liquid or Cobra Polish. While it all might seem foreign at first, because you’re no longer in South Africa, it’s important to view this as an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try a Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream instead of an Ola Magnum.

For those times when only the best of home will do, there’s a store for South Africans in Los Angeles (and the rest of the United States online) to get their homegrown household hits.


The African Hut Store in Los Angeles: get your South African goods here.

Acquired by the current owners in 2005, The African Hut Store was a small local shop that sold a limited range of South African groceries. Building it out over the next three years, the new owners had a vision to build African Hut into a mega store. Creating an online website, plus a lateral expansion with two more retail stores – namely British Food Shop and International Food Shop – they also established SA Import Company: an importing and distribution chain through a wholesale business.

This gives the company the power to import from a number of different countries around the world, and enables them to distribute product to retailers across the United States of America – putting global products onto US shelves. The African Hut in California sells in-store to local customers and walk-ins and provides a range of products online to customers across the length and breadth of the US.

Their number one mission has always been to offer the widest variety of products possible, giving each customer a better chance of finding something that tastes or smells like home.


What are South Africans saying about the African Hut?

“Hooray!! I’m so glad I found this store. I’ve been meaning to go and I finally made my way down Saturday so I could prep for a South African dinner I’m serving next weekend. I felt like I was back in the aisles of Checkers in Paarl, South Africa. Aisles had an array of British and South African staples–all of which had flags under to denote origin. I bought a bottle of pinotage, Mrs. Balls chutney, Nando’s peri peri, Sparletta soda, ginger beer, and peppadews. Oh, and rooibos tea and rusks. In the past, I had heard several items were past the expiration date so I checked all of the ones I picked up and none were close. The selection was impressive for a small store in southern California.”

— Danielle J.


So what can you find online at the African Hut?

You’ll find all your favourite Christmas and seasonal items, whether you’re looking to have a traditional British Christmas, or whip up a German festive meal. They stock a great range of biltong products, and some of the best loved South African sweets and treats you can possibly imagine. There is a range of toffee, nougat and fudge, as well as the great South African chocolates.

All your favourite biscuits, cookies and snacks – Romany Creams, Lemon Creams, Ouma Rusks, Provitas plus an assortment of beloved Simba chips. You can find all your favourite childhood cereals and adult beverages. Everything you need to bake and make South African desserts, including jams and spreads. For South African cooking, you’ll find all the spices and seasonings of home, right here, including bottled sauces and condiments and blikkies kos!

Thanks to The African Hut, South African expats can now find all their favourite foods from the R.S.A in the U.S.A. All that stands between you and that packet of Smoked Beef Simba Chips is a few clicks, so what are you waiting for?

Visit the African Hut website now.


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