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New Zealand: Land of Plenty! Where Is the Best Place To Live In New Zealand?

By November 4, 2019June 27th, 2023FinGlobal

New Zealand: Land of Plenty! Where Is the Best Place To Live In New Zealand?

November 4, 2019


New Zealand is one of the top immigration destinations. Whether it is a career move, a move for your family or a move to explore new horizons, New Zealand has plenty to offer.

You’ll have to take a few things into consideration before your move, such as the climate, population and school districts (if you have kids). You might also give thought to whether you’d like to stay on the North Island or the South Island, as the North Island’s most northern regions are considered sub-tropical and much warmer in temperature than the south. These are all factors in creating the place you will call home sweet home.


So where is the best place to live in New Zealand?

If you are big on family, here are a few places you might consider as your new home:



Wellington has got it all! Young and old come together in this tight-knit community (this will help when you’re moving to New Zealand from South Africa). Wellington is the capital in New Zealand and offers many desirable qualities. They have some of the best cafés, restaurants, bars and buzzing nightlife for the university students and young adults. They also have many botanic gardens, beach and bay walks, and water sports.

Wellington offers a relaxed city lifestyle and superb educational opportunities. They have a great University as well. The cost of living in Wellington is high but relatively less so than Auckland and Christchurch.



If you have kids, Nelson is a great choice as children in Nelson schools perform very well. They have high levels of National standard achievements which means the kids qualify for university acceptance. They also offer a variety of attractions such as parks and nature reserves along with beaches. Nelson is also the oldest city in the South Island! The unemployment rate here is low and kids enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.


New Plymouth

New Plymouth is also known for the best art scenes around New Zealand. They have brilliant galleries in the bohemian-like feel of the city. If you are a creative and music-loving family, this might just become your new home.

Aside from the amazing art scene, New Plymouth has incredibly low crime and unemployment rates, and affordable family homes.

If you’re a foodie and love pairing the perfect wine along with it, have a look at these places where you’ll be spoilt for choice.



This Northern Island city is the sunniest and warmest of all. They have a booming economy and great career opportunities. The high salaries equate to the high standard of living. Auckland has splendid restaurants and cultural events year-round.



Wine and dine connoisseur? Napier could be home for you. Napier is a coastal town in the Hawkes Bay region. Napier offers a beautiful coastline with impressive restaurants and bars. Napier is also New Zealand’s wine capital. You will rarely tire of these great wines. They also boast Art Deco landmarks and a tree-lined waterfront promenade.

Not convinced yet? The cost of living is extremely affordable here and the climate is dry and warm meaning lots and lots of sunshine!

Thrill seeker? Look at some of these awesome shortlisted places:



Ah, New Zealand’s adventure capital! Whether you are into hiking or biking, skiing or skydiving, jet boarding or white-water rafting or all of the previously mentioned. Auckland is the place for you! You can also cross off canyon swinging, ziplining, paragliding, bungee jumping and snowboarding from your adventure bucket list.

Queenstown has first-class restaurants and vineyards. They also have a cosmopolitan art scene.



Even though Wanaka doesn’t have as many of the activities as Queensland, they are right up there adventure-wise with Queensland. Wanaka is the playground for locals, and they enjoy every minute of it, especially the gorgeous snow-capped mountains. With evergreen forests, mirror-like lakes and gorgeous glaciers to look at, these beauties promise to be a sight for sore eyes.

All in all, New Zealand has boundless opportunities for you and your family to flourish in your new home.

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