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The Biltong Factory: Just the way you like it

By February 19, 2020June 27th, 2023FinGlobal

The Biltong Factory: Just the way you like it

February 19, 2020


What’s one of the hardest things to find when you’re a South African living in London? Biltong that tastes exactly like it was made back home without costing the earth. That’s where The Biltong Factory comes in – they started serving up their meaty delicacies in 2016, and they’ve been growing in strength and popularity ever since. If there’s one thing that Saffas love, it’s biltong! Let’s take a look at what you can expect from The Biltong Factory, where you can find them (in real life and online) and everything else you need to know about the best biltong in London.


The Biltong Factory: What’s it all about?

Fresh, healthy, tasty biltong – just the way South Africans like it! Delivering freshly cut biltong weekly, The Biltong Factory offers Saffas a variety of ways to get their biltong fix in London; you can shop online, join the weekly club and even get it as a letterbox delivery. Imagine! Opening your postbox to discover a delicious parcel of biltong made just the way you like it. Heaven-sent, for sure!


Option 1: Shopping online

You can place orders through their convenient online shop. It’s as simple as choosing your preferred flavour, your particular cut and moisture level, paying for your purchases and sitting back to take delivery.


Your flavour choices:

  • Original: Truly authentic – tastes just like home.
  • Peri-Peri: Burny with a bit of kick. Seriously addictive.
  • Sweet Chilli: Just the right level of sweet burn.
  • Sweet Pepper: Tastes like more!
  • BBQ: Smoky deliciousness.


Your cut choices:

  • Shavings: Very fine slices, ideal for salads and soups.
  • Thin slices: Paper-thin slivers for maximum enjoyment.
  • Chunks: The standard cut. Get a proper mouthful.
  • Whole pieces: Get an uncut chunk of biltong to carve as you please.


Your moisture and texture choices:

  • Wet: The biltong equivalent of a rare steak.
  • Normal: Dried just right, but still slightly on the moist side. 
  • Dry: also known as “old-school biltong”, it’s had more drying time.


Option 2: Join the Biltong Club

By joining the club, you save 10% and get free UK deliveries. They’ve also got a bunch of tasty loyalty rewards, and you also get exclusive access to new flavours before they’re launched. All you have to do is tell them what you like, how often you’d like to get it and you’ll be set up for automatic deliveries thereafter, with the option to update your flavour selection weekly ahead of your scheduled delivery time.


What else does The Biltong Factory offer?

In addition to biltong in a variety of different flavours, textures and cuts, The Biltong Factory also makes delicious droëwors, and they’re ready to supply your next braai with fresh boerewors. That’s right! This is the one place where you’ll find the best biltong, the best droëwors, AND the best boerewors in London. So call your chinas and fire up the braai, it’s time to tan a tjop, chow some wors and enjoy a dop (with biltong!).


Where can you find The Biltong Factory?

For the best biltong in London.



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Benefits of working with FinGlobal:

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