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Finding A Fresh Perspective In Moving to New Zealand from South Africa

By April 9, 2020January 18th, 2023FinGlobal

Finding A Fresh Perspective In Moving to New Zealand from South Africa

April 9, 2020


With a current population of around 4 822 233 citizens, of which 14 881 are migrants, it’s safe to say that the Kiwis are a diverse and welcoming people. What makes New Zealand such an attractive immigration destination for South Africans? Could it be the temperate climate that feels a lot like home on a hot day? Perhaps it’s the beautiful landscapes and lower cost of living? It could definitely have a lot to do with the fact that their unemployment rate fell to 3.9% in the second quarter of 2019 from 4.2% in the previous quarter. New Zealand is the land of job opportunities as far as South Africans are concerned. So, if you’re a South African looking to immigrate to New Zealand.

Why are people immigrating to New Zealand from South Africa

Beautiful weather, incredible natural surroundings and the fact that 89% of the population is urban, makes this an attractive relocation destination if you’re thinking of moving to New Zealand from South Africa. Knowing that everyone lives in the suburbs and the cities means that there are still lots of wide-open spaces to be cultivated and farmed.

All three of the major cities in New Zealand get more than 2 000 hours of sunshine annually, there are loads of sandy, picturesque beaches and ace surf spots. If summer watersports are not your thing, you’re in luck because you’re spoiled for choice with mountainous ski resorts, incredible lakes, rivers and valleys. 

Long story short? It really is a better life for all in New Zealand.

Tired of the rat race? It was recently reported that South Africa has the longest working hours in the world, and it certainly does feel like it. We work longer hours in South Africa than anywhere else in the world. According to Our World in Data (University of Oxford), South Africans work an average of 2209 hours annually, which is more than China with 2174 hours per year and more than South Korea with 2063 hours annually.

Rated second in the world for life-work balance in HSBC’s 2018 Expat Explorer Survey, New Zealand is a top choice for those looking for a fresh perspective. That’s not to say New Zealanders don’t work hard, because they do, they just know when to call it a day and enjoy time with friends and family. 

How do you immigrate to New Zealand from South Africa?

For the reasons outlined above, New Zealand is extremely attractive to young South African people and families looking for better opportunities abroad. New Zealand will welcome you with open arms, provided you have skills that they’re looking for. To find out if your particular skill set or expertise is in demand, you can use this handy Search Tool.  to find out if your particular skill set or job description is in demand and get guidance as to the type of visa and the number of points you’ll need to qualify in order to satisfy entrance requirements to the country.

What do you have to know about New Zealand’s immigration process?

New Zealand’s Visa Application Requirements – you will be eligible only if:

  • You are under the age of 56
  • You meet all health, character and English language requirements
  • You achieve 100 points in the Points System, which allows you to then register an Expression of Interest.

Points are allocated according to your skills, relevant work experience, qualifications, age and if you have a job offer in New Zealand.

Need help figuring out how to fund your new life in New Zealand?

We’ve been helping South Africans with their big financial questions since 2010 and no matter how complicated your situation is, we can handle it. We’ve got all the right credentials and all the experts you could possibly need, in one place.

We know that selecting the right partner to handle your finances back in South Africa is one of the most important decisions you can possibly make, aside from making the monumental decision to move to New Zealand from South Africa.

No matter what you need, we’re ready to help you every step of the way and we can handle every detail of your:

Ready to talk about the best way to approach your immigration to New Zealand, from a financial point of view? Let’s start with a free, no-obligation telephonic assessment. Leave us your contact details and we’ll call you back.

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