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Leon Schuster Movies Throughout the Years

By May 20, 2020January 18th, 2023FinGlobal

Leon Schuster Movies Throughout the Years

May 20, 2020


Oh Shucks, let’s talk about Schuster for a minute! With everything going on in your life, you probably haven’t had a lot of time to just rest, put your feet up and watch a little television. As an SA expat, Leon Schuster should serve as a great talking point for you, when bragging about South Africa’s accomplishments, but it’s also a great way to relax and unwind (watching the movies). Leon serves as our very own film star and what’s more is that he has been the source of much hilarity for many kids growing up in South Africa. What’s astounding about this product of proudly South African upbringing is that he seems to be somewhat of a “classic” – his fan base is not generational, but rather all-encompassing. Yes, everyone in SA knows who Leon Schuster is; young and old.

Anyone can find Leon Schuster YouTube clips to watch and chuckle (or scream with laughter) over, but what are the Schuster “greats”? Which Leon Schuster movies are the most popular and when did they come out? Perhaps now is the time to compile a Leon Schuster movies list and start re-watching all the favourites once more!

List of Leon Schuster Movies

Are you ready to grab a bowl of popcorn, an ice cold beer, and get comfy on the couch with your favourite Leon Schuster movies for company? There’s undoubtedly a long list of Leon Schuster movies out there, but here’s a list of the top ten for you to stick to – or at least reference. If you have the time, watch the all (even those that don’t appear on this list):

  1. You Must Be Joking – 1986:
    This is a compilation of short skits and is undauntedly Schuster’s debut. The skits feature Schuster in disguise playing pranks and tricks on everyday people. It was these hilarious skis that put Schuster in the SA broadcasting spot light.
  2. Oh Shucks It’s Schuster – 1989:
    This is also a compilation of short skits of Schuster in disguise, playing pranks on everyday citizens. This series includes a variety of hilarious pranks that got South Africa laughing.
  3. Kwagga Strikes Back – 1990:
    If short skits aren’t your thing (and even if they are) you might want to watch this film. It’s about a farm store owner called Kwagga who cons tourists into believing he is killing lions. While he is doing his thing, the UN has a representative monitoring the international relations between ZA and bordering countries. Life as usual is changed when Schuster’s brother gets involved in an illicit diamond deal.
  4. Yankee Zulu – 1993:
    This is another film that takes on an air of hilarity. Schuster plays the character of Rhino Labuschagne who meets up with an old childhood friend, Zulu Mashabela. Zulu’s life has turned him into a criminal which leaves the pair faced with a flurry of mishaps and heart-pounding adventure as they navigate through their rekindled friendship.
  5. Mr Bones – 2001:
    From the very first scene, Mr Bones is a laugh a minute. The film features “Mr Bones” who is a sole airplane crash survivor as a baby. He is raised in a remote African kingdom and known as their prophesier. One day, he is sent to meet the new king of the land in the USA, but instead of bringing the king back, he ends up returning with a golfer and his entourage. This particular film was a major success, raking in more than R35 million.
  6. Oh Shucks I’m Gatvol – 2004:
    If you haven’t seen this one yet, it is a must-see! In this particular film, Schucks and Alf decide to head to Australia after reaching “gatvol” levels with crime. Samoosa Woestyn, who plans to kill the US president, changes Schucks’ plans. The adventures that Schucks and Alf get into are hard to explain…you will have to watch this one for yourself!
  7. Mama Jack – 2005:
    Mama Jack is another film that’s jam-packed with fun and laughter. It features a man called Jack who is particularly disliked by his boss and ends up having his drink spiked by the very same boss. While intoxicated, Jack proceeds to do a few illegal things. Jack is now a fugitive and obviously on the run. The film features the hilarious adventures and pickles he gets himself into along the way.
  8. Schucks Tshabalala’s Survival Guide to SA – 2010:
    This was Schuster’s film “for” the FIFA Soccer World Cup in 2010. It features Schuks and his long-time friend shorty creating a survival guide for tourists visiting SA for the World Cup. Somewhere along the way, Schuks and Shorty become tour guides who meet up with a variety of challenges!
  9. Mad Buddies – 2012:
    Boetie and Beast, who just happen to be enemies, are tricked into participating in a reality show that’s set to be highly popular in the country. The country watches on while the producers trick and prank the duo throughout the show. When they discover they have been tricked, they plan some revenge of their own.
  10. Frank and Fearless – 2018:
    This particular film can only be described as side-splittingly funny. “Frank & Fearless” the main character is the witness of a barbaric rhino poaching incident and decides to uncover the true identity of the criminals. The baby rhino of the poached rhino aids him in his mission as well as Frank & Fearless’ dog.  The obstacles and challenges along the way provide for a lot of fun and laughter.

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