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Where to find South Africans living in Canada

By June 15, 2020January 18th, 2023FinGlobal

Where to find South Africans living in Canada

June 15, 2020


If you are planning on uprooting your life and heading for Canadian shores, you might want to think about where most of the South Africans in Canada are living. There is a stark contrast between life in Canada and life in South Africa, that’s for sure. One of the best ways to fit in is to find the biggest South African community in Canada to move into, so that you can find your feet a little more easily.

So, the question begs to be answered; where are all the South Africans living in Canada? It is safe to say that the saffas have spread themselves out across the cities that offer the most opportunity in terms of career and job prospects, as well as the most friendly and laid back way of life. This means that you can find a large amount of South Africans in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Ontario.


Where can you find the biggest south african community in Canada?

According to Business Tech, more than 50,000 South Africans already live in Canada and approximately 1,000 South Africans make the move each year! It is one thing to say that South Africans are found in each of these 4 cities, but which of them is the most popular and why? Let’s take a look at how these Canadian cities stack up against each other.


South Africans in Toronto

If it is anything to go by, the Facebook group for “South Africans in Toronto” has over 3,200 members. Leading relocation companies tout Toronto as “the best international city for work and family”. It is the largest city in the country and of course, the financial hub. The ethic in Toronto is certainly one of “work hard, play hard” as the big city parties are perfectly balanced with thriving businesses and a committed approach by locals. That being said, Toronto is not the most popular place for South Africans to live in Canada, even though its saffa community is growing. So, where it is?


South Africans in Ontario

The biggest South African community in Canada can be found in Ontario. According to the demographics of South African Canadians published by Wikipedia, there are over 19,000 South Africans in Ontario. Ontario is considered one of the best provinces to live in Canada and if you have skills in the IT field, you are in for a nice surprise…job opportunities in tech and IT in Ontario abound! The area offers a high quality of living and the salaries are undeniably attractive.

It is not just IT and tech industries that offer great opportunities to South African expats though. Statistics show that at the end of 2019, over 25,000 jobs were created, predominantly in the construction and administration industries. And the medical sector is consistently seeking out nurses’ aides. But it is not all about jobs, is it? It is also about the lifestyle. Beautiful scenery, national parks, hiking trails, and gorgeous coastlines are also a draw card for those seeking a new life in Ontario. And of course, health care and public transport are free – both great reasons to head to Ontario for sure!


South Africans in Vancouver

Vancouver is another firm favourite city for South Africans living in Canada to head to. One of the reasons that South Africans are drawn to the area is that it is slightly warmer than the rest of the country. This is because it is a seaport and situated in Western Canada. Other areas are far colder.

Art, culture, and music is highly respected and celebrated in Vancouver, meaning that the nightlife scene is really something special. South Africans love their beaches and that is something that Vancouver does not skimp on. In fact there are 8 beaches on the ocean and one on a lake! At the same time, not too far away, the skiing and snowboarding opportunities are phenomenal. In Vancouver you will be spoiled to free outdoor movies, free public schooling, and free health care too. What more could you possibly want?!


South Africans in Calgary

According to the SA Canada group, the number of South Africans in Calgary is well over 30,000, although this figure has not been confirmed and the source of the statistic is not shared. What makes this particular place so popular? Calgary scores extremely high points in economic stability, free education, free health care and exceptional infrastructure. It is not an area focused on arts and culture though – that is something to be aware of. When living here, you can expect to benefit from the lowest personal and corporate taxes in the entire country and if you take a close look at the economy, you will notice that it grows and expands steadily each year. That is a major achievement! Job and career seekers who are expats are also quite comforted by the fact that there are plenty of job opportunities in Calgary. In fact, expats are warmly welcomed for their skills and good work ethic. Agriculture and tourism industries are probably the biggest employers in Calgary, but geologists, engineers, financial service providers and IT experts also do not struggle to find decent employment.

That pretty much sums up the most popular places for saffas to move to in Canada!


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