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Rolene Strauss: Where is She Now?

By August 28, 2020September 4th, 2023Newsletter

Rolene Strauss: Where is She Now?

August 28, 2020


Rolene Strauss is a name that hasn’t come up in the media too often of late. One has to wonder where in the world ex Miss South Africa and 2014 Miss World is, and what she is up to! Today we would like to give a shout out to our very own home grown, Rolene Strauss. While your new friends and colleagues might not know much about South Africa, Rolene Strauss might be a name they remember.

Who is Rolene? Rolene Strauss is South Africa’s favourite beauty, of course! She came from humble beginnings, as the daughter of a nurse mom and doctor dad. She was born in the small town of Volksrust, South Africa. She grew up with a passion for health, and so it comes as no surprise that she went on to become a medical student at the University of Free State. She completed her medical studies and received a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree. Unfortunately, she did not follow through with her internship and community service, so does not practice. That’s okay though, Rolene is a doing a lot more the country anyway! She still has a hand in the running of her joint medical practice with her sister in law, called Revita Health.

In December 2014, Rolene got engaged to a D’Niel Strauss and got married in February 2016. Don’t worry though – her husband was/is no blood relation to her, even though they shared a surname before marriage! That sure got the media’s attention at the time! Soon after, the world wanted to know; is Rolene Strauss pregnant? And sure enough she was! Her first son was born in January 2017 and her second in February 2020.


Rolene Strauss

Miss World & Miss SA


Who is Rolene Strauss when she is not modelling or representing her country? If you hop onto Instagram and search for Rolene Strauss, you will see that she describes herself as a “Transformative self-confidence couch, international speaker, author, mother, wife, and Miss World 2014”. This small tagline description speaks volumes about the ambitious and powerful woman that she is. If you read up on Rolene, you will discover that it’s her life’s dream to be a role model for others in terms of health, fitness, medicine, entrepreneurship and motherhood. It looks like she is doing a fine job of that!

Rolene, who was born on the 22nd of April 1992, is not just a South African beauty pageant queen; she is so much more. She won the Miss South African 2014 title and the Miss World title in the same year, which really put her on the map in terms of beauty queens. She is one of only 3 South African woman to ever be crowned Miss World, ranking third in line for this title to Penelope Coelen (who won in 1958) and Anneline Kriel (who won in 1974).

Her modelling career took off early when she won her first title at the Elite Model Look South Africa competition at just 15 years of age. Not long after, she was placed as 5th in the Miss South Africa 2011 pageant. 3 years later, she returned as a representative of Bloemfontein and took home the title of Miss SA! All in good time, Rolene won the title and the world watched on in awe!

Rolene has made such waves in the beauty and modelling industry that she was the first and only Miss World winner from the 2010s to be invited to be a judge at the Miss World finals – which she was, in 2018.

Those seem to have been the days, but where is Rolene now, and what is she doing? It seems that Rolene never slowed down. Her business mind kept her busy long after her modelling days ceased. Now, with her modelling days behind her, Rolene now sits as the chairperson of her non-profit organization called The Strauss Foundation.


The Role of The Strauss Foundation

What does The Strauss Foundation actually do? The foundation is a non-profit organisation with the aim of positively contributing to society by promoting health, education, and charity work. The foundation aims to “unlock inherent abilities of as many individuals as possible”. Now that’s something South Africa can be proud of.


Rolene Strauss YouTube

If you feel like connecting with your South African roots again with a bit of shareable online media, check out Rolene’s videos on YouTube. She has posted videos on her pregnancy updates in 2020 along with a variety of others, such as “A Day in the Life of Rolene” which you might find entertaining. A simple “Rolene Strauss” YouTube search will have you furnished with tons of videos to choose from. Enjoy!


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