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What Does it Mean to Be Proudly South African?

By January 22, 2021January 12th, 2023Newsletter

What Does it Mean to Be Proudly South African?

January 22, 2021


South Africa’s history has been alive with challenges that have seemed somewhat insurmountable over the years. Our political past is not only unique, but one of the scariest. And yet, South Africans still seem to come out on top, shining…smiling. With such a close-knit nation, “a rainbow nation” as it is described, that gels so effectively; no one would ever imagine just how challenging our country’s past has been. And that’s what makes all of us proudly South African! Being proudly South African means picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and heading forward instead of backward. It means recognising the good in our fellow countrymen and focusing on what’s important: growth and a happy lifestyle. Living in this beautiful country or at least coming from such a beautiful country is something to be proud of!


What makes me a proud South African


Knowing What Makes You South African

You may have even asked yourself over the years “what makes me a proud South African?” and for everyone the answer can be a little different. For some it could be political while for others it could be that our lifestyle is one of the most relaxed and rewarding in the world. Either way, the term “proudly South African” is one that we have heard time and again, probably just as much as we have heard “local is lekker” – and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? If you want to know how to be proudly South African, take a look at your roots, speak about the good times and positive aspects of your country and of course, support local as much as you can (even if you are overseas).


Proudly South African Facts

When it comes to realising what you makes you South African (truly South African) a few proudly South African facts can help. Consider what there is to be proud of when it comes to being a South African and many things are sure to come to mind.  Let’s take a quick peek at some and revel in the awesomeness of our country and roots together. Here are just a few reasons to be proudly South African!


  • Braai time is Loved by all

What’s the first thing people do when visiting family and friends in South Africa? They braai! Everyone loves to braai, even those who encounter the occasion for the very first time. Invite your new friends and colleagues over and treat them to a South African braai. It will be a hit – guaranteed!


  • We have the Big Five

Let’s talk about wildlife. Here in SA, you can see Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant, and Buffalo. Where else in the world can you see the Big Five freely strolling around in the wild? Only in South Africa!


  • We Speak the Lingo

South African lingo is fabulous! Our slang is a combination of many languages and somehow we still manage to know what we are talking about! Entertain your friends with a taste of Saffa lingo, my boet!


  • The Father of Our Nation – Nelson Mandela.

The Father of our nation…who could forget him. People all over the world quote him and look up to him. He is a made that had international impact like no other. Sing his praises!


  • We Make the Best Bunny Chow

Tourists seek out Bunny Chow when visiting the country for a reason; it’s reputation precedes it! This is a local street food dish that absolutely every South African loves to munch down on. If you’re already living overseas, perhaps invite your new friends over for Bunny Chow night. They are bound to be intrigued.


  • There’s Always a Shisa Nyama Open Nearby

Ever thought of stopping on the side of the road so that someone could braai you some meat, mielies, pap and an ice-cold beer? Well, here in SA, you can visit any city center and township and find a Shisa Nyama open and ready to do just that.


  • We Have Many Home-Grown Inventions

Most people don’t know that a lot of things were actually invented in South Africa. Take the CAT scan for instance, as well as the Kreepy Krauly, the heart transplant, Pratly’s Putty, and Q20 to name a few. Having a look at South African inventions is bound to surprise you!


  • We are the Official Rainbow Nation

With such a wide array of cultures, people, traditions…who wouldn’t fall in love with South Africa’s diversity. Regardless of our struggles, the tenacity of our people always comes to the fore in the end. That’s something worth bragging about.


FinGlobal’s Tax & Financial Emigration Services are Something to be Proud of

At FinGlobal, we offer our clients a proudly South African service. We provide premier advice and guidance to South African expats all across the world and we make ourselves readily available through all processes to keep minds at ease and ensure a seamless financial transition into your new home country and life. When dealing with a FinGlobal consultant, our decade of experience will certainly speak for itself. We can assist you with a variety of expat issues from accessing your retirement funds while abroad to ensuring the correct process is followed to formalise your financial emigration from the country. To get a full understanding of your requirements and to assist you further, all you need to do is contact us. We are available via email and telephone and look forward to chatting further with you soon.