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De Vette Mossel

By August 27, 2021October 11th, 2023Newsletter

De Vette Mossel

August 27, 2021


If you are looking for a traditional seafood restaurant, then De Vette Mossel is not for you. Traditional seafood restaurants come with fancy cutlery and tableware, unpronounceable wine lists, and heavy price tags. Often they are situated kilometers away from the sea, and the dining experience is, well, just that, a mundane dining experience. One that you could have at any point in your life, unmemorable and one you possibly wouldn’t rave about to your grandchildren in years to come. This is not the case when you venture to the De Vette Mossel restaurants. Their rustic alfresco dining experiences are filled with lashings of fresh all-you-can-eat seafood, each mouthful a frisson of pure culinary genius. Their secret is in keeping things simple. With restaurants situated along the beautiful Cape Garden Route and rural areas of the Western Cape, the De Vette Mossel is all about providing lavish amounts of top-quality seafood while you take the time to slow down and savour each mouthful. The locations are exquisite and tranquil, and there’s no pressure to eat and leave. All of this comes without the heavy price tag.


How does it work

When it comes to an abundance of seafood, the De Vette Mossel knows how to lay it on. There is never an empty plate for long with thirteen dishes and seven courses served as a massive banquet-style buffet. The food is freshly prepared on open fires. The dining experience is spread across three hours of eating and relaxing while unwinding with friends and family. The De Vette Mossel experience is all about taking your time and enjoying your surroundings. To be honest, we believe time does stand still when you’re enjoying a meal at De Vette Mossel.


What’s on the De Vette Mossel menu?

What’s not to like when looking at this menu bulging with great meal options?

Did you know that there are some excellent health benefits from eating fish? Its thought that fish with high omega -3 fatty acids can reduce joint inflammation and improve depression, heart health, and eyesight. That’s great news for those heading off to relax at a De Vette Mossel beach restaurant because now you have the perfect excuse to keep going back for more. Just say it’s for the sake of your health! 

Check out some of the delicious seafood you could enjoy at De Vette Mossel Restaurants. 

  • Garlic buttered mussel meat with onions
  • Half shell mussels cooked in white wine
  • Seafood Pots with four varieties of fish, including prawn tails, calamari, and mussels
  • Rock Lobster or whole prawns
  • Calamari Steak
  • The chef prepares the catch of the day according to the type of fish caught.

While main food choices are seafood, they also offer a meat potjie for those who prefer their fish in the fishbowl rather than on their plates. So how much would you pay for all of this simple luxury? Well, De Vette Mossel’s prices are reasonable; they pride themselves on providing top-quality food and giving you value for your money. No nasty bill surprises at the end of your meal, causing unnecessary indigestion!


Partytjie and troue

Although the De Vette Mossel restaurants are all about enjoying simplistic rustic charm they also know how to cater for large events and small. With restaurants situated in stunning beach locations, planning that perfect beach wedding has never been easier. Or, if it’s a function or themed party you are interested in arranging, they specialise in those too! The restaurants have a seating capacity of between 120 and 600 guests; all you need to do is contact the De Vette Mossel Team to arrange your next event. 


Who are De Vette Mossel?

Founded in 2004, the owner Niel du Bois started the first De Vette Mossel beach restaurant on the banks of the Groot Brak River. Picture silvery white sands far from the hustle and bustle of busy city life; it sounds like the perfect holiday destination. If you are looking for De Vette Mossel Beach Restaurant, chances are there is one near you. Since 2004 this popular restaurant has spread its wings and popped up in places like Hartbeespoortdam, the Free State, and Hermanus.

If you are looking for that truly South African safari feeling, then the De Vette Mossel Hartenbos is the restaurant for you. Situated on a bushveld beach, this restaurant is right in game country, offering a feel of safari adventure and beach relaxation. Would you believe they even have a restaurant right in the center of the world’s whale capital? Take a look at De Vette Mossel Hermanus; how can you beat whale watching while you enjoy gorgeous seafood? 

Each restaurant is unique regarding location and setup, but the rustic charm and friendly, relaxed atmosphere are the same and tempt South Africans back to their tables time and time again. In summary, the De Vette Mossel restaurants emulate the true South African tradition of sharing excellent food in good company with the added benefit of being situated in exquisite and unspoiled surroundings.


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