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New Mauritius visa rules attract SA emigrants

By September 8, 2021December 12th, 2022FinGlobal

New Mauritius visa rules attract SA emigrants

September 8, 2021


When South Africans consider immigrating, the most significant concern is giving up the relaxed holiday-feel lifestyle they are accustomed to. Unfortunately, growing up in a country that is home to perpetual braai weather makes one a little weather-spoilt when viewing the dreary weather patterns of other countries. Take a moment to consider things. The UK with all its rain, America with its tornados, and the rest of the world with its monsoons and hurricanes, and suddenly South Africa seems like a pretty safe bet considering! Who wants to try braai-ing in all that dramatic weather anyway?


Emigrate from South Africa

The downsides of emigration

However, it’s not just the weather that taints the rosy sunglasses of immigration. Sky-high visa costs and the property investment requirements stipulated by countries offering residency visas can also put immigration on the backburner. Unfortunately, everything in life costs money, and immigration is no exception. Another consideration to take into account is that you may decide that your new country of residence is not the great fit you thought it would be. Now having accrued huge costs, you also have the added worry of immigrating again or perhaps moving back home. Both of which again costs money. Whew, immigration sounds more of a headache than it’s actually worth!


Enter the spotlight: attractive new visa rules in Mauritius

If you feel a little despondent at this point, then now is the time to tell you about Mauritius and its new visa rules. For most South Africans looking to emigrate from South Africa, Mauritius is the utopia they have been searching for. White sand, endless sun, divine beaches, and a relaxed holiday lifestyle. Sound like home? However, it’s not only the weather and lifestyle that have made this destination suddenly so popular. South Africans planning to immigrate to Mauritius now have the added benefit of relaxed visa rules. This raises the question, what makes this new visa so attractive?

Let’s dive straight into the benefits of this visa and what travel restrictions you can expect when you emigrate to Mauritius.


Relaxed visa requirements and travel restrictions at a glance

  • Reduced property investment costs

The required property investment when immigrating to Mauritius is usually $500,000. This figure has now been reduced to $375,000 – that’s a whopping $125,000 reduction.


  • Premium travel visa

This visa is valid for a year as long you can prove sufficient means of income and gives immigrants the space to decide if a permanent move is right for them.


  • Travel restrictions

Covid 19 restrictions play a pivotal role in the movement of immigrants across borders. Mauritius has slowly started opening its borders since the 15th of July 2021 and hopes to open its borders to fully vaccinated people as of the 30th of October 2021.

  • Accessibility

The island is situated a short flight away from South Africa, with flights ranging between four and six hours. Perfect for ex-pats who want to return and visit family or have business dealings in South Africa.

  • Foreign buyers

Those looking for a secondary income through rental properties have an excellent selection of property developments to choose from that can provide impressive rental returns.

  • Tax benefits

Individuals and businesses can benefit from the tax treaty agreement between South Africa and Mauritius. This agreement prevents double taxation, with the only requirement being that you need to remain on the island for more than 183 days. Other benefits include no tax on dividends, inheritance, profits, or capital gains.

  • Housing

Mauritius has a robust rental market comprising both holiday and residential lettings if you are not looking to purchase a property immediately. Rental prices are very reasonable, starting as low as R10,000.

But the benefits of living in Mauritius don’t stop there.


More reasons to move to Mauritius

The island is also able to offer an exceptional quality of education. Formerly a British colony, the island still bases its education system on the British system. Education is free to all citizens right up to tertiary levels, and there is the added benefit of free transport for all students.

Another worrying factor for immigrants arriving in a new country is the quality of healthcare they can access. In Mauritius, this concern is unfounded. The island offers a public health service free of charge to everyone living on Mauritian soil through a range of public hospitals and community health centers. Alternatively, expatriates can choose from a large selection of private hospitals with access to specialists from all over the world. Note private healthcare is not free in Mauritius.

You don’t have to be on the verge of retirement to consider immigrating to Mauritius. In Mauritius, employment opportunities are plentiful, with sectors such as IT, banking, and the service industry needing skilled workers. The following is required to work in Mauritius: Workers should be between 20 and 60 years old and apply for a work permit. Note an occupation permit is a combination of a work and residency permit and is available to professionals, self-employed workers, and investors.


Final thoughts

The recent relaxation of visa requirements and the added benefits of an excellent education system, quality health care, and employment opportunities have put Mauritius on the immigration map for many South Africans looking to emigrate from South Africa.


FinGlobal – getting you set up in Mauritius with ease

If you’re ready to pack your bags and head to Mauritius with a new visa in your hand, now is the time to start making plans. And what better place to start your planning than with your financial and tax obligations. When leaving South Africa, there are taxes you need to pay. You also need to give SARS notice if you plan to emigrate from SA (you no longer pay SA tax) financially. The process can get a little tricky for those who have never done it before and our team, with a decade of experience and a handful of friendly and knowledgeable staff members, are just the team to help you through the process.  We can also assist you with other matters, such as obtaining access to your retirement annuity once abroad and also getting the correct FOREX required for your new life. Ready to get started? Reach out to us – we’d love to chat. You can give us a call on 028 312 2764 or email us at


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