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South African chef masterclass

By October 1, 2021December 9th, 2022FinGlobal

South African chef masterclass

October 1, 2021


Let’s talk about somewhat of an institution in South Africa: Checkers! Of course, checkers has come a long way over the years. It’s no longer only the go-to for affordable groceries; it’s now the go-to for fine cheese and wine, too – and absolutely everything in between. And recently, the company announced its very own Masterclass series presented by an all-star cast of the hippest, hottest and most “happening” South African chefs!

Bringing famous South Africans to the fore is not the only reason why the Checkers South Africa Masterclass is so fantastic. What makes this initiative worth every second of viewing is that;

  1. It’s free (and we all love something for free, don’t we?)
  2. The classes are led by wine experts and renowned chefs, so you get your cooking and pairing advice from those who know best!
  3. You can access the series anytime, which means you never have to miss an episode.


Let’s meet the South African chefs behind the Checkers Masterclass series

If you’re anything like us, when you heard that Checkers would be hosting a Masterclass with South African chefs, you were probably dying to know which celebs you’d get to see on screen. If you’re a foodie and into fine wine too, the list of names to follow will be familiar to you! If you’re getting curious about the Checkers Masterclass star-studded cast, wonder no more! Here’s a sneak peek at the famous South Africans involved.


Zola Nene

Zola needs no real introduction to Checkers fans. In fact, she’s a brand ambassador and popular Cape Town chef and food stylist. Everyone knows her for showcasing her extraordinary ability to whip up a tasty meal on the Feel Good Breakfast Show hosted on SABC 3. In 2016, Zola released her Simply Delicious cookbook, which, if you haven’t paged through it yet, is entirely drool-worthy! You have been warn


Dr. Winnie Bowman

The good doctor Winnie Bowman should be called Dr. Wine! Winnie is a well-known Wine Master from the Cape, and boy, oh boy, does she know her fine wines. Dr. Winnie Bowman has been a renowned wine judge since 2005. If you want to pair fine with the right meals, Dr. Winnie Bowman is the lady to ask!


Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham is someone who knows food and wine. She writes and talks about it as part of her day job, as a food writer and TV show host! Sarah is a foodie with a difference and has been making waves in the food world! She started a blog in 2010 called A Foodie Lives Here and in the very same year was the first-ever SA-based food blogger to be offered a cookbook contract by the ever famous Penguin Random House. Sarah Graham is a household name for serious South African foodies, but don’t worry if you don’t know her. You can check out her cooking style by watching the Checkers Masterclass series.


Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen

Roll out the red carpet and sound the trumpets because South Africa’s first-ever Michelin star chef has arrived on the scene! What’s exceptional about Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen

Is that he doesn’t have just one Michelin Star – he has four! If you’ve ever watched him in action in the kitchen, you’ll know that everything he does with food is simply mesmerizing. If you like good food made simply, Jan Hendrik is someone to follow.

The series has just recently launched, and you can catch the first-class hosted by none other than Sarah Graham. In this Masterclass, you can learn how to incorporate more plant-based alternatives on your place using delicious, nutrient-dense, farm-fresh produce. This class is about bringing more health back into your everyday meals. Where can you watch it? Checkers is airing each Masterclass on YouTube and via their website.


What’s Checkers’ aim?

You might wonder what the aim is. Why is Checkers creating a Masterclass series featuring famous South Africans? Well, that one is easy to answer. Checkers is the very place you head to get all the ingredients for a sumptuous meal. Now, the brand wants to take its relationship with clients a step further. They want to provide helpful tips and guidance to help shoppers get the most out of their meals in terms of flavor and nutritional profiles. The Masterclass series will aim to do just that.

The published videos will be simple and easy to follow, and if you’re looking for the full ingredients list and the step by step instructions so that you can try your hand whipping up the meal in your own time, you can find all the details on the Sixty60 app or at your local Checkers. What could be better (or easier) than that?


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