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Afrikaans is lekker 2022

By June 24, 2022September 4th, 2023Newsletter

Afrikaans is lekker 2022

June 24, 2022

Living abroad has its challenges, not least the challenge of indescribable homesickness. Unfortunately, no matter where you choose to settle on the other side of the ocean, chances are there are days when you just wish to be home. Surrounded by the friends and family that ‘get’ where you are coming from and understand your need for lekker kuier with like-minded folk. In other words, stukkie biltong in one hand and a doppie in the other while laughing like a hyena at old jokes and stories around the braai.

However, something about South Africa goes deeper than the jokes about the perpetual braai, stunning weather, and community spirit; it is the African essence in our blood. It’s the drum beat that rhythmically pulses through every Saffa’s veins, and that’s why even those who haven’t been home for years (ag shame) still gravitate towards anything that remotely reminds them of home. This, of course, leads to endless internet and Facebook searches for traditional South African recipes, music, news articles, and blogs. It’s possibly why you’re reading this blog at this very minute! Searching for a tiny glimpse of home, the Saffa beacon in you will always ping homewards.

Afrikaanse events

South African events

During your quest to find anything ‘tuis’ related, have you stumbled across South African Events and Wêreldwyd? These folk combined understand the Saffa abroad’s deep-seated need to connect and indulge in the herinneringe of home. So, who are they, and what do they do? They are the presenters and sponsors behind events such as ‘Afrikaans is Lekker’ and other South African flavoured gatherings held in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Whew, that truly is worldwide; obviously, these people get that ‘local is lekker,’ so the good news is that you no longer have to struggle with crippling homesickness. Why? Because South African Events and Werelwyd ensure that each year South African artists traverse the ocean right to your patch on the globe to entertain you with ‘proper’ Afrikaans musiek and entertainment!

What is Afrikaans is lekker?

Afrikaans is Lekker is an Afrikaans music concert held annually across the mill pond (New Zealand and Australia) since 2015. Here South Africans and their families (old and new) can gather and enjoy the sultry tones of Afrikaans artists in the flesh. Artists such as Barry Hilton, Emo Adams, Juanita du Plessis, and more can be found crooning their way through well-known liedjies that are bound to tug at the heartstrings and remind you of those long-ago days spent under the hot African sun. Okay, so we like to wax lyrical about home; we can’t help it; it’s like breathing to us!

2022 Events and performers

Afrikaans is Lekker events are usually held in New Zealand and Australia, but since 2019 Canada has been added to their repertoire list. June 2019 saw tours in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. Fast forward past 2020 and 2021, their Covid-19 restrictions and cancellations, and we have the bash of the century due to kick off in August 2022!

Events are due to be held on the below dates in some of the most fantastic places; all you need to do is get there!

Brisbane           27.08.22

Sydney             28.08.22

Auckland           02.09.22

Melbourne        03.09.22

Perth                04.09.22

Featuring well-known artists such as Danny Smoke, Jo Black, and Elandre, it’s bound to be the performance of a lifetime. Of course, if you have forgotten or never heard of these artists (unlikely), it’s time to get your saffa beacon recalibrated with a quick recap on ‘who’s who’ in the next Afrikaans is Lekker event.

  • Danny Smoke

King of the guitar, Danny Smoke, is known for his guitar playing and musical ability. His first album, Swaeltjies, was released in July 2019, featuring liedjies such as Jou Lippe, Swaeltjies and Trippe Trappe Trone. He is definitely the more modern version of home and manages to infuse his music with fun, meaning, and, most importantly, a taste of home!

  • Jo Black

Born and bred in Pretoria, Jo Black is undeniably the very epitome of ‘local is lekker,’ and you only have to listen to his deep velvety tones to agree. A motivational speaker for teens across South Africa, those who have heard about the ‘Be that guy/girl initiative’ will be well aware of his ‘keep dreaming and believe’ motto, as mentioned in his interview with Channel 24. His debut album, Skepe, was released in 2017; reached gold status in just six weeks, and features songs such as Bring Die Hoop Weer Terug, Suiderkruis, and Die Taal Van My Hart.

  • Elandre Swartz

Elandre has a strong background in music and theater. He studied at Cape Town’s Waterfront Theater School and is famous for his version of Bruce Springsteen’s song ‘Tougher than the Rest’ posted on social media. Select Music offered him a record contract while being interviewed by Bok Radio’s breakfast show in 2016. His debut album Kleindorpdromer was released in 2017, with Boomhuis following in 2019.

If you are wondering why these artists would travel to see you, in our professional Finglobal opinion, it seems like true saffa’s they miss their fans just as much as you miss them! Actually, according to a 2018 article, Wêreldwyd is passionate about connecting South Africans abroad in an informal way, aka via lekker kuier, and celebrating their “South African-ness” no matter where they live in the world. Still, we, the FinGlobal team, agree wholeheartedly!

Get those tickets booked; it’s time to grab your dancing shoes and practice your sokkie moves!

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