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Kuierkos – your South African shop just outside Amsterdam

By October 21, 2022FinGlobal

Kuierkos – your South African shop just outside Amsterdam

October 21, 2022


Nothing eliminates those homesick pangs quite like the taste of traditional South African kuierkos. We all know how each tasty morsel, lovingly prepared, creates the perfect ambiance required for a lekker kuier with family and friends. Because if there’s one thing growing up under the hot South African sun teaches Saffas, it’s that food and family time are the perfect pairing, especially when enjoyed alongside a smokey braai! This is why when choosing to emigrate, knowing where to purchase your favourite South African products becomes a necessity!

What is a South African shop?

For those currently living on foreign soil, you know this is the utopia of all shops. Ensconced within its homely walls, you know you will find a veritable mirage of South African products ready for you to purchase. A good South African shop provides everything from grocery items to snacks, biltong, and rusks. They usually stock it all, whether you are after a huppie of delicious boerie, a bag of Simba chips, or a fizzy Fanta drink.

It’s almost like stepping into a slice of home without the long-haul flight! But, unfortunately, once you have filled your basket to the brim with delectable goodies, it’s time to pay and leave the familiarity behind until the next time your pantry requires topping up!

Where can you find a South African shop?

This is a common question clients ask the Finglobal team. In fact, if we were given a Rand every time we were asked this, we might consider emigrating ourselves! Only kidding! Of course, it’s a question we are happy to investigate and answer, depending on where you choose to relocate. After all, we can’t have you without your Saffa products while living in a strange place!

In most cases, because there’s always a true Saffa willing to ensure fellow South Africans get their ‘taste of Africa fix,’ a South African shop is almost always wedged in somewhere, no matter where you are in the world. Whew! What a relief; now you can stop saving up all those cans of guavas and buy some when you get there! Furthermore, while you can’t take a stukkie biltong with you when traveling internationally (it’s against the law), you won’t have to give up your favorite snack! This is because most South African shops sell biltong. Now that’s a reason to praise the biltong-gods, the rugby is saved! Well, almost!

KuierKos: A South African shop close to Amsterdam

One such place is KuierKos, the best South African store Amsterdam has to offer! If you’ve countless spent hours searching the internet for South African shop Amsterdam, you may have noticed this intriguing South African shop and cafe. Situated just outside the city of Haarlem, it is owned and run by two expats who truly understand that South African food is part of our culture and heritage. Furthermore, within this South African shop, Haarlem and Bloemendaal customers will find more than their fill of South African products.

Let’s look at some of the products you can expect to enjoy when visiting this South African food shop Netherlands.

Butchery department

This is a butchery like no other. Here you will find traditional boerewors, braai chops, sosaties, and more. But that’s not all; you’ll also discover tantalizing slices of biltong (with fat!), biltong bites, and droewors. Finally, if you need a little kameeldooring hout, that’s on offer too, including braai stands, charcoal, and fire lighters (saffa brand). We say, haul out those tongs; it’s braai time!

 Bakery department

Whether you’re craving a slice of banana bread, koeksisters, melktert, or a piece of peppermint crisp tart, this is the bakery for you! From rusks to Romany creams and meringue, suddenly home just got a whole lot closer.

 Biscuits and grocery department

Pronutro, mielie pap, canned guavas (we did tell you!), chakalaka, or good old Ina Paarman spices, the KuierKos grocery cupboard is bulging with enough everyday South African essentials to keep even the strictest Ouma happy! There’s even Nandos Peri-peri sauce and Mrs. Balls’ chutney! Now that’s what you call a home-from-home sensory experience!

 Bottle store

Everyone knows that South African wines are the best, well, in our book anyway! The KuierKos bottle store boasts 58 South African products, including wines, ciders, and even a non-alcoholic gin selection.

 Gifts and vouchers

If it’s an authentic gift or voucher you need to spoil a special someone, KuierKos provides saffas with a selection of South African gifts such as Bath & Body Oil from Mies Stellenbosch, scented candles, vases, and more.

Final word

If you’re searching for the best South African food shop Netherlands has to offer, then KuierKos wins hands down! Not only do they offer products to walk-in customers and online, but they also cater for private events and corporate functions. To find out if they can provide some lekker kuierkos for you, simply contact them via their contact page; easy peasy lemon squeezy! If you ask us, this is certainly a South African food shop Netherlands should be proud of, seeing as it seems they know how to bring home the gold in terms of the ultimate taste of home!


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