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Countries to immigrate to from South Africa 2022

By November 18, 2022Newsletter

Countries to immigrate to from South Africa 2022

November 18, 2022


While leaving the sunny shores of South Africa may be heart-wrenching, it’s also an exciting prospect. Anticipating a new way of life, seeing new places, and meeting new people, are significant draw cards for those looking to experience life to its fullest while creating once-in-a-lifetime memories. Of course, some countries are easier to immigrate to than others in terms of specific immigration requirements such as visa criteria, work permits and investment.

And let’s be honest, every country wants to ensure they benefit from the people they allow to cross their borders and, as such, will want to know what you have to offer them in return for your residency. So, which countries are the most lenient in this regard? Furthermore, which countries are the best countries to immigrate to from South Africa? Let’s look at what the world has to offer Saffas considering the gigantic hop across the pond.

Immigrating from South Africa to another country

Immigrating to certain countries around the world can prove challenging for the average South African. Some countries have stringent rules regarding immigration and require South African immigrants to jump through proverbial hoops before granting them short-stay visas rather than the long-term residency required. However, other countries such as Canada, Bulgaria and Vietnam make this process much easier for South Africans. While each has its own requirements regarding visas and permits for permanent residency, they also have affordable economies and are very welcoming.

Countries with easy immigration requirements 2022

Below we have collated our pick of top countries with easy immigration requirements 2022.

  • Canada

Canada is known for its all-inclusive policy of welcoming immigrants from around the globe. As a result, South Africans applying for permanent residency on Canadian soil will find their visa programs quite simple and helpful. While the cost of living can be quite high, immigrants can expect to earn good salaries and benefit from excellent healthcare and education systems.

  • Bulgaria

In terms of the easiest country to immigrate to from South Africa 2022, Bulgaria sits squarely at the top of the list. First, the cost of living is affordable, and rents are low, which is excellent news when you’ve just spent a whack of cash on relocating. Secondly, the application process is fairly straightforward. When applying to relocate to Bulgaria, you must complete an application form for a long-term D-Visa.To do this, you must either register a Bulgarian limited company or invest in Bulgarian property. Of course, not all Saffas want to open a business or can invest in property; however, this visa is also for other long-term visa applicants.

  • Vietnam

The warm temperate climate of Vietnam is a major plus for South Africans looking to spread their wings without the worry of dealing with cold, snowy winters. Trust us, that white powdery stuff makes for extremely chilly braai weather! However, while you can avoid the snow in Vietnam, you may have more than a little drop of rain to deal with in the rainy season! But inclement weather aside, Vietnam has other great attributes to offer Saffas on the move. For example, the cost of living isn’t high, and things like rent and public transport are affordable, which makes exploring the surrounding countryside super easy!

Furthermore, Vietnam offers South Africans the choice of a tourist visa, business visa or multiple entry visas. Lastly, the Vietnamese Embassy in Pretoria is the only embassy that can issue visas to South Africans going to Vietnam; alternatively, you can apply for a visa on arrival, which is much easier. See the link above for further information.

  • Austria

For most South Africans, the chunky eye-watering cost of investing large sums of money to gain residency is simply off the table. As such, most Saffas search for the easiest country to get permanent residency in Europe without investment. And while this may seem like the proverbial pipe dream, it’s actually quite attainable if you want to immigrate to Austria! This is because Austria offers immigrants not one or two residency permit options but a whopping ten types to choose from, none of which require investment and can be used to travel visa-free across Schengen areas!

Factors to consider when immigrating

Most South Africans, when looking for the easiest European countries to immigrate to from South Africa, consider the obvious things like the cost of relocation, visa requirements, work opportunities etc. And these are very good considerations to have in mind. However, other lesser factors should also be considered when relocating because, sadly, they can become the reason you pack your bags and head homeward before unpacking the moving boxes!

Below are a few considerations to keep in mind when hastily packing your bags for greener pastures.

  • Weather

Sadly, not many countries provide the sunny weather we Saffas are used to, least of all European countries. So if you relocate to Europe, you had best invest in a winter coat, scarf, gloves, and boots!

  • Cuisine

Our diverse culture exposes us to a huge selection of traditional foods that meld and fuse to form the ultimate taste of home. Unfortunately, while many countries have interesting foods on the menu, many don’t have the wide variety that we are accustomed to. As a result, things like samp and beans, mielie pap and gravy, mala mogodu and even potjie kos are never on the dinner menu unless you know how to make this traditional cuisine yourself!

  • Culture

We are a very friendly and welcoming nation, and in true South African style, we treat everyone like family, including the neighbours, their friends and their friends, friends. It’s a Saffa thing that many cultures find hard to understand. As a result, you may find yourself a little lonely when on the other side of the ocean, longing for a lekker kuier with braai kos and the company of good old South African folk who understand that the phrase ‘just now’ doesn’t have an exact time frame!

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