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A FinGlobal perspective: The impact of ESG & the Power of light

By August 3, 2023November 30th, 2023FinGlobal

A FinGlobal perspective: The impact of ESG & the Power of light

August 3, 2023


In a world where unexpected challenges such as Covid-19 and load shedding are making it increasingly difficult for students to study efficiently, the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors becomes crystal clear. ESG is an acronym signifying the crucial elements used to gauge the ecological impact, societal contributions, and governance practices of a company’s investment. But the significance of ESG extends far beyond the investment realm, and the story of FinGlobal’s donation of LED lanterns to two schools serves as an excellent example of this.

ESG Definition: What is ESG

In simple terms, ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, a trio of criteria used to evaluate a company’s ethical impact and sustainable practices. The Environmental component reflects a company’s impact on the natural world. The Social element looks at the way in which a company maintains its interactions with workers, vendors, consumers and localities. The Governance aspect deals with the leadership, pay for executives, verifications, internal regulations and the rights of shareholders.

The Power of Light in Education: Corporate Social Responsibility Examples

The recent struggles of matric students amidst the ongoing load shedding crisis have highlighted the undeniable importance of reliable lighting in education. As FinGlobal’s CEO, Ryno Viljoen, saw the need for portable lighting in schools, the company decided to donate 400 LED lanterns to Hermanus High School and Qhayiya Secondary School. These rechargeable lanterns not only provide bright, room-filling light, but also play a crucial role in ensuring that students can continue their studies uninterrupted during power cuts.

The Benefits of Rechargeable Lanterns

The advantages of these rechargeable lanterns extend far beyond their primary function of providing light. They are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe to use, eliminating the risks associated with alternative lighting methods like candles. These lanterns also offer a long lifespan, with each lantern providing 1000 lumens of room-filling light, proving beneficial not just to the students, but also to their families.

Why ESG is Important?

This initiative by FinGlobal exemplifies the practical application of ESG principles. By providing lanterns to schools, the company is contributing positively to the local community (the ‘S’ in ESG), promoting education (a key pillar of social sustainability), and choosing an environmentally-friendly solution (the ‘E’ in ESG). Thus, demonstrating that businesses can indeed play a significant role in driving societal change.

The Role of FinGlobal in Promoting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Principles

The impact of ESG is far-reaching, with benefits for individuals, communities, and the environment at large. Initiatives like the one undertaken by FinGlobal emphasize the importance of businesses incorporating ESG principles into their strategies. In the face of challenges like load shedding, innovative, sustainable solutions such as rechargeable lanterns can make a significant difference in students’ lives, illuminating their path towards a brighter future.


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