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Merry Christmas to family far away

By December 14, 2023FinGlobal, Newsletter

Merry Christmas to family far away

December 14, 2023


As the year draws to a close, many eagerly anticipate the arrival of Christmas. While often associated with gifts and decor, this holiday holds deeper significance. Beyond its festive facade, Christmas serves as a time for reflection and connection with loved ones.

The significance of Christmas

Christmas is more than just a holiday – it is a pivotal moment in our lives. It prompts us to reflect on the changes within ourselves and society, while also posing the question: “Did we love enough?” As we come together with our loved ones, we are reminded of the immense importance of valuing and nurturing our relationships, and showing our love through genuine actions. So, let’s take this opportunity to strengthen those bonds and make lasting memories with those who matter most to us.

Celebrating Christmas away from family

For transnational families, Christmas can be a bittersweet time. It highlights the divide between their lives before and after emigration and serves as a reminder of the distance that separates them from loved ones. However, despite these challenges, the familial connection endures, and Christmas serves as a way to stay connected across continents.

Connecting across distances

Thanks to technology, it is now easier than ever to stay connected with loved ones who may be far away during Christmas. From video calls to online gift-giving, these small gestures help bridge the geographical gap and convey care and love for one another.

South African Christmas traditions as acts of love

Despite experiencing Christmas in different places, its magic remains universal. One of the most beloved aspects of Christmas is the traditions and rituals that families hold dear. These customs not only provide structure and meaning to the holiday season, but also serve as profound expressions of love and commitment. From decorating the tree to preparing a special meal, these traditions bring families together and create lasting memories.

Traditions play an even more important role in keeping families connected. While old traditions provide a sense of familiarity and roots, new traditions must also be created to adapt to changing circumstances. Reflecting on familiar customs, we are reminded that our family remains intact despite physical distances. These new traditions become a source of comfort and joy during the holiday season.


Christmas is a time for reflection, connection, and love. It brings families together through traditions, even in the face of challenges and distance. As we celebrate this holiday season, let us remember the true significance of Christmas – to cherish our relationships and express love in all its forms. So, as we gather around the tree or share a meal with loved ones, let us embrace the magic of Christmas and hold on to the traditions that make it a special time for families around the world. In doing so, we keep our family ties strong and create lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come. Merry Christmas!

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