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Get news and useful articles for South Africans worldwide on our blog.

Expat insights

Get news and useful articles for South Africans worldwide on our blog.

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If emigration isn’t an option, explore these valuable tips for staying in South Africa.

Living in South Africa comes with its unique blend of challenges and rewards. While emigration might seem like a tempting ...

Emigration essentials – top tips from the experts for filing your final South African tax return

Emigration is an exciting adventure, but it is essential to consider the tax implications of your international moves beforehand. This ...

The Two Pot Retirement System – what South Africans at home and abroad need to know

The South African Parliament is on the verge of passing a groundbreaking bill that could reshape how citizens access their ...

Understanding Exchange Control: purpose, mechanisms, and impact on global markets

Exchange control is a fundamental concept in international economics and finance that plays a crucial role in regulating the flow ...

5 factor personality model and emigration: uncovering the link

Are you curious about the connection between personality traits and the likelihood of emigration? The Big Five personality traits offer ...

South African Classic remastered: Rooibos Milk Tart Soufflé Recipe

Are you ready to elevate your dessert game? Look no further than this divine Rooibos Milk Tart Soufflé recipe. This ...

Soet Patats: a delectable South African sweet potato dish with Amarula

If you're looking for a unique and flavorful sweet potato recipe, look no further than Bosveld Patats, a traditional South ...

Tax avoidance versus tax evasion – looking at the general anti-avoidance rules

Minimising your tax burden is a natural concern, but navigating the line between legal tax avoidance and illegal tax evasion ...

To donate or lend – the tax implications of providing loved ones with access to funds

Many people find joy in being able to assist loved ones and charitable causes financially. Gifts and donations are essential ...

A twist on tradition: Koeksister ice cream cone recipe

The classic koeksister is a traditional South African dessert made from braided dough that has been deep fried and soaked ...

Tax for Forex traders: tax-saving strategies

Forex trading has become increasingly popular among South Africans in recent years, with many individuals looking to reap financial gains ...

SARS tax compliance status for transferring funds abroad – what’s changed?

As a South African expat living abroad, managing your finances in more than one country shouldn’t be a source of ...

Here’s why international companies are hiring South African workers

South Africa is a country full of diverse and highly skilled professionals, known for their South African work ethic, adaptability, ...

What is a SARS third party appointment, and how should you manage it?

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has the legal authority to appoint third parties, such as banks, to recover outstanding ...

Maximising your retirement savings – exploring the option of transferring a South African pension fund abroad

Your retirement savings is undoubtedly one of the most important investments you’ll make in your life, but what happens to ...

Savoring a slice of South Africa: The Spur cheddar melt steak recipe

For South Africans residing in different corners of the globe, there are culinary treasures beyond Biltong and Bobotie. One such ...

Protecting your assets and beneficiaries with a trust in South Africa: advice for expats

If you’re a South African expat living abroad with loved ones back home, you might be wondering how best to ...

Steps to take if your SARS tax compliance status shows as “non compliant”

Seeing red on your eFiling tax return status dashboard? Don’t panic! Spotting a "non-compliant" status notification when seeking your SARS ...

Made your decision to emigrate? What are the next steps?

If you’re one of the thousands of South Africans who has made the decision to jet off in search of ...

Inward foreign loans: a quick exchange control guide for South Africans

Foreign loans can be a powerful tool for South African residents, offering access to capital at potentially lower interest rates ...

Smoorsnoek recipe: A South African culinary classic

Smoorsnoek, known as gesmoorde vis in Afrikaans, stands as a quintessential South African delicacy. This legendary dish perfectly combines the ...